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Tree Care Services in Niles, IL

Hendricksen Tree Care

(847) 744-8349

Hendricksen Tree Care has been serving Niles, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs with professional tree care as well as treatment and maintenance services for over 50 years. Our services are catered for trees and shrubs of all types on commercial and residential properties, helping to extend their lifespan and improve their natural aesthetics.

Not only are our arborists ISA-certified, but they also have years of experience and will work to develop a care plan to keep your trees healthy that includes fertilization, pruning, and treatment for insect infestations and disease.

Hendricksen Tree Care is dedicated to maintaining the health of your shrubs and trees to give them the best chance at a long-lasting life. Our services are focused on providing proper nourishment and pruning to promote their overall health and growth. Our experts will also work to prevent tree diseases and insect infestations while diagnosing any unique issues and developing treatment plans that can save the tree.

To inquire about any of our tree care services in Niles, IL or the surrounding areas, contact Hendricksen Tree Care at (847) 744-8349.

Tree-Treatment-Services-Niles-ILTree Treatment – Niles, IL

Regardless of the species, all shrubs and trees are vulnerable to diseases and insect infestations as both can lead to severe health issues for the vegetation. Diseases within trees are usually the result of a fungus or bacterial infection that will result in defoliation or discolored leaves, damage to the trunk, and/or dead or stunted branches. Defoliation can also occur from pest infestations as insects feed on the leaves and/or eat their way into the tree that disrupts the flow of nutrients, killing it from the inside. The professional arborists of Hendricksen Tree Care will diagnose and treat the disease or pest infestation for your trees in Niles, IL with our tree treatment services. Our treatments are designed to eliminate all bacteria and pests while promoting the health and development of your trees.

Tree-Trimming-Services-Niles-ILTree Pruning – Niles, IL

Tree pruning is important for the maintenance of your trees to remove troublesome branches that may be detracting from their health and/or appearance. You must remove any dead, decayed, or diseased branches at least once a year to maintain proper health. Keeping the tree trimmed should also be conducted to prevent the branches from touching powerlines and buildings to reduce risks to personal safety and property damage. However, tree pruning shouldn’t be done by just anyone; only a professional can guarantee the health of the tree by trimming specific branches to avoid harming it. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree pruning services in Niles, IL that will keep your trees looking healthy and protect your property structure. Our arborists are trained and certified to perform the work efficiently and effectively.

Tree-Planting-Services-Niles-ILTree Planting – Niles, IL

Could your yard use a new tree? While adding to your property’s value and natural beauty, a new tree provides a number of other benefits, such as wind resistance, shade, and higher quality of air. But simply planting a tree should never be taken lightly, as it can either die or quickly grow too large for the given space. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree planting services in Niles, IL and the surrounding areas in which we will help you decide on the best species for new trees given the nutrients, soil, and sun exposure in the given space. It will also be treated carefully to allow it to grow and develop. As for any trees that might need to be moved, our arborists will be happy to help find and move them to a better spot.

Tree-Removal-Services-in-Niles-ILTree Removal – Niles, IL

The arborists at Hendricksen Tree Care are fully committed to maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs, but this also includes removing dead, infested, and diseased trees with no chances at survival. Our experts will do everything possible to help trees recover from these infestations and diseases, however, sometimes a tree has been damaged to the point that it is too late for it to receive treatment. Heavily damaged trees are a risk to personal safety and can cause significant property damage. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree and stump removal services in Niles, IL and the surrounding areas to safely remove trees and grind the stump to allow other vegetation to grow in its place.

Tree-Fertilization-Services-Niles-ILTree Fertilization – Niles, IL

In order to grow, develop, and fight pests and diseases, trees require nutrients and water. Effective fertilization can provide just that, ensuring your trees get the proper nutrition during the growing season to sustain the harsh conditions of the winter. The majority of trees should be treated each year, either in the spring or fall, or at any time it shows signs of malnourishment. Hendricksen Tree Care provides tree fertilization services in Niles, IL to ensure your trees are fertilized when needed. Our arborists will choose the most effective fertilizers for your trees as well as put them on a fertilization schedule to ensure they are treated with the best care.

Recent Reviews

Review by S. C. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"They took down a pine in my front yard. They did a great job at fair price. Highly recommend, would hire again"

Review by P. F. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"Our family has used Robert W. Hendrickson Tree care for numerous services. We call on this company each time we have a need for the health of our trees. Hendrickson has sucessfully diagnosed and treated all our crab, Hawthorne and apple trees so that they maintain their leaves throughout the season. Previously leaves were lost in June! Hendrickson Tree also cleared out dead and dying trees as well as removed invasive species of trees. Our most recent experience was the trimming of a giant apple tree to get it back into a pleasing shape, and a more healthy size. Each time this company has been here they have been knowledgable, courteous, taken care to not crush other plantings, and have cleaned up neatly. I appreciate that the trimmers know the correct way to make cuts, the correct time of year to do specific types of work, the safety measures taken, and how they listen to what my plans are as well as educate me in their process. This is a company that inspires customer loyalty. We highly recommed them!"

Review by C. and L. B. Near Nile, IL
Tree Care
Rating 5 5 Star Moving Rating

"We’ve used Hendricksen Tree Care services on several occasions in recent years. They’ve done expert tree trimming of mature trees, large removals and disease control for us all with outstanding results. The company’s employees are first-rate, their equipment is state-of-the-art, and our landscaping is noticeably improved after their service. During a recent snowstorm, one of our large Austrian Pines was uprooted. Hendricksen Tree Care removed it expeditiously leaving our property with no trace of its removal. The Hendricksen teams servicing our needs have always been meticulous, professional and courteous doing top-notch work and exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend Hendricksen Tree Care and will continue to rely on their knowledge and expertise for all our future tree care needs."

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