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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Emmaus, PA


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Water Damage Restoration – Emmaus, PA

Water damage is a common problem in homes and buildings, but it is still a major disruption to your life.  Whether the damage is caused by a leak, plumbing or appliance issue, sewage backup, or flooding, it can result in serious property damage and create the right conditions for mold growth.  It is important to react to any level of water damage to stop its spread and prevent serious consequences.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration to help homes and businesses affected by water damage and flooding in Emmaus, PA.  Our technicians can remove the water from your property and restore the damage caused by the water.

Flood Cleanup in Emmaus, PAFlood Cleanup – Emmaus, PA

A flood can occur on your property after a bad rainstorm, or if an appliance breaks such as a water heater or dishwasher. It is critical that the water is removed as soon as possible to avoid property damage down the line. RestorationMaster provides flood cleanup services in Emmaus, PA. Our flood damage cleanup technicians will arrive quickly to extract water, dry the area, and restore the affected property.

Fire Damage Restoration – Emmaus, PA

Fires are unexpected natural disasters that quickly put lives at risk and cause immense property damage.  When a fire occurs, you need to worry about evacuating the building and having the fire put out.  You cannot relax once the fire is out because the remaining smoke and soot will continue to cause damage.  You need to call for fire damage restoration as soon as possible.  At RestorationMaster, we provide complete fire damage restoration services in Emmaus, PA to clean up and restore the damage caused by fire and smoke.  Our technicians repair structural damage and clean up the effects of smoke and soot to get your property put back together.

Mold Remediation – Emmaus, PA

Mold growth is a serious problem because it can cause major property damage and threaten the health and well-being of everyone on your property.  Mold often appears in areas affected by water damage, flooding, or moisture and it feeds on building materials like drywall, wood, ceiling tiles, and insulation.  If mold growth is not removed right away, it will have more time to spread and cause serious damage or illness.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services in Emmaus, PA to remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings.  Our IICRC licensed professionals will remove the mold from your property using advanced remediation methods and restore the damage.

Sewage Cleanup – Emmaus, PA

The only way water damage or flooding on your property can be worse is if the water is contaminated with sewage.  Sewage often enters homes and buildings when a sewage backup occurs, or when the property is flooded with water already mixed with sewage.   Sewage is a major hazard because it not only causes serious damage to your property, but also contains harmful materials that can spread infection and disease.  You need to stay clear of water that may be contaminated and call a professional immediately.  RestorationMaster provides sewage cleaning services in Emmaus, PA to safely remove dangerous sewage water.  Our technicians use advanced equipment to ensure all sewage is removed and we help eliminate mold, bacteria, and other dangerous microorganisms with anti-microbial applications.


Frozen Pipe Burst Cleanup - Emmaus, PAFrozen Pipe Burst Cleanup – Emmaus PA

Pipes have a high risk of bursting or breaking when temperatures drop to freezing outside. When the water freezes, the increased pressure within the pipes can cause them to burst. This pipe burst can occur behind drywall or in crawlspaces and quickly lead to a flood of water and major property damage. Fortunately, Aftercare Restoration provides water cleanup after frozen pipe bursts in Emmaus, PA. Our technicians are on standby 24/7 and will quickly arrive to the scene to extract water, dry the area, and restore the property.

disinfection-services-emmaus-paDisinfection and Cleaning – Emmaus PA

COVID-19 is spread primarily through respiratory droplets of an infected person (born when coughing, sneezing, talking, etc.). The viruses live in the air and on everything, clothing, belongings, and furniture. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces in your home is a necessary precaution to reduce the risk of infection. Aftercare Restoration provides disinfection and cleaning services in Emmaus, PA. Our technicians will arrive quickly to clean up your property with EPA-registered disinfectants that have been proven to remove dangerous pathogens, including COVID-19.

smoke-damage-restoration-emmaus-paSmoke Damage Restoration – Emmaus PA

Your property will typically be covered with smoke and soot after being sprayed with firewater. Smoke damage can cause discoloration on the walls, lingering unpleasant odor, and severe damage to appliances. After smoke penetrates walls and other surfaces and settles there, the smell of smoke occasionally reappears, especially in warm or humid weather. Remediating this type of smoke damage typically requires intense cleaning. Aftercare Restoration provides professional smoke damage restoration and cleanup services in Emmaus, PA. Our technicians are available 24/7 to remove all the odor residues and toxic smoke damages.

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