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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Pottstown, PA


(215) 774-3120

Over the past decade, RestorationMaster has served thousands of homes and businesses by restoring the damage caused by fire, floods, storm damage, and other disasters. We are proud to serve Pottstown, PA and its surrounding communities to provide disaster restoration services that result in stronger homes and businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about our services or have been affected by a disaster, please contact us today!

You can reach our professionals at RestorationMaster 24 hours a day at (215) 774-3120 for emergency disaster restoration.

Water Damage Restoration – Pottstown, PA

RestorationMaster of Pottstown, PA has been helping people deal with the effects of water damage for over 20 years. From flooding to sewage backup, our team can restore any type of water damage and prevent further damage from occurring. Call us today for a quality water damage restoration estimate.

Flood-Cleanup-in-pottstown-PAFlood Cleanup – Pottstown, PA

RestorationMaster is Pottstown, PA’s leading flood remediation company. Flooding can occur in any home or business if a heavy rainstorm overflows the gutters and downspouts, or if a nearby river rises suddenly and causes the property to be flooded. The flood water can cause damage to carpet and furniture, as well as mold growth that could cost thousands of dollars to repair. Call RestorationMaster for complete flood cleanup services in Pottstown, PA. We’ll clear the space of water, dry out carpet and furniture, and take care of mold damage caused by flooding.

Fire Damage Restoration – Pottstown, PA

RestorationMaster specializes in fire damage restoration for Pottstown, PA. We remove smoke and odor from your home or business using state-of-the-art equipment, and we have the experience to get the job done correctly. Our goal is to make your property presentable by removing debris and restoring furniture. We will return your property to its original condition quickly and professionally.

Mold Remediation – Pottstown, PA

Mold can appear suddenly and can spread quickly, which is why RestorationMaster is one call away. We will send out an IICRC-certified technician to your home or business in Pottstown, PA quickly to take care of the problem. Our team of experts has experience with water damage restoration, mold removal, and cleaning up after flooding. We will do everything possible to stop mold in its tracks, preventing further growth and more severe damage to your property.

sewage-cleanup-pottstown-paSewage Cleanup – Pottstown, PA

In cases of water damage or flooding, sewage contamination can make the situation much worse. Sewage backup occurs when sewage enters your home or building through drainpipes, and flooding occurs when rainwater mixed with sewage enters structures by way of drains or cracks in walls. If you come in contact with contaminated water, it’s important that you take care of it quickly to prevent illness. When you contact RestorationMaster, we will get a professional on the scene as quickly as possible to resolve any sewage issues and help mitigate damage caused by the flood.

Reconstruction Services – Pottstown, PA

After a natural disaster, it is vital to repair your property as quickly as possible. Storms, flooding, fires, and mold can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior structural elements of a home or commercial building that can worsen over time. RestorationMaster can help rebuild heavily damaged homes and businesses in Pottstown, PA with our professional reconstruction services.

Frozen Pipe Burst Cleanup – Pottstown, PA

It’s common for water pipes to freeze when temperatures fall below freezing outside. If they do freeze, increased pressure within the pipes can cause them to burst, leading to significant water damage. Fortunately, RestorationMaster offers water cleanup after a burst pipe in Pottstown, PA. Our team works around the clock so that we can be on-site quickly in case of a burst pipe emergency.

disinfection-services-pottstown-PACleaning and Disinfection – Pottstown, PA

It is important to clean and disinfect your home and belongings to protect against COVID-19, a virus that spreads primarily by respiratory droplets. Aftercare Restoration provides professional cleaning services for properties in Pottstown, PA. Our expert technicians use EPA-registered disinfectants to eliminate dangerous pathogens from surfaces throughout your home.

smoke-damage-pottstown-paSmoke Damage Restoration – Pottstown, PA

The RestorationMaster team offers same-day cleaning and repair services for commercial properties, office buildings, apartments and condos, and residential homes affected by fire. Our IICRC-certified professionals can remove smoke damage from walls, floors, countertops, cabinets, soft furniture, and drapes. We will also provide you with long-term solutions when it comes to preventing fires and permanent damage to your residential or commercial property in the future.


Contact RestorationMaster for 24/7 Disaster Restoration and Cleanup in Pottstown, PA

RestorationMaster is dedicated to restoring your properties to their initial status with professionalism, respect, and experienced expertise. AfterCare  Restoration also understands the insurance claim process and has assisted many customers in communication with providers and making their claims.  Contact RestorationMaster anytime a day at (215) 774-3120 for Disaster Restoration and Cleaning in Pottstown, PA.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Water, Fire, Mold Damages

How do you treat wood after a fire?

Once the wood has cooled down, carefully brush and scrape it to eliminate prominent charred areas and create a uniform appearance. Next, apply a protective coating of mineral oil, linseed oil, or other natural oils. This coating not only seals in the charred wood but also provides additional protection.

Can air conditioners get black mold?

Air conditioners can get black mold if it has been left uncleaned for a long time, especially if there is a water leak from the air conditioner.

What are the common reasons for water damage?

  • Severe Weather Events and Flash Floods
  • Water Overflows from Bathtubs, Sinks, and Washing Machines
  • Leaking Pipes and Supply Lines
  • Burst Pipes Due to Freezing
  • Clogged Drains and Sump Pump Issues
  • Fire Suppression
  • Roof Leaks
  • Ice Dam Formation

Why and How People Choose a Professional Contractor After a Home Disaster?