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Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Services for South Bend, IN

Monroe Restoration

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Monroe Restoration is located in South Bend, IN and we have been serving South Bend as well as towns in the surrounding counties of Northern Indiana including St. Joe, La Porte, Starke, Elkhart, Marshall, Porter, Lake, Jasper, Pulaski, Allen, Noble, De Kalb Wells, Adams, Huntington, and Whitley since 2006.  We take pride in servicing Northern Indiana and we can provide our cleaning and disaster restoration services in commercial and residential settings.  Monroe Restoration is also part of a nationwide catastrophic response network that responds to large losses across the country.

The main services we offer include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and carpet cleaning and we offer free estimates for our carpet cleaning services.  Monroe Restoration is a recognized leader in performance, service, and quality and we provide 24-hour emergency assistance for small and large-scale losses.  We are passionately committed to delivering outstanding customer service and helping people during a time of tragic loss involving their home or business.

We can be reached 24 hours a day at (574) 891-8076 to respond to emergencies and South Bend, IN, and the surrounding areas.

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water-damage-restoration-South Bend, INWater Damage Repair – South Bend, IN

Water damage in a home or building is very common as it can be caused by a range of factors such as leaks from pipes or fixtures, floods, and heavy rain.  Excess water can spread by becoming absorbed in wood, drywall, and furniture which makes it important to contact a professional at the first sign of water damage.  Monroe Restoration provides water damage restoration services to homes and businesses in South Bend, IN.  With our advanced equipment and IICRC-recommended procedures, we will remove excess water from your home or building and help restore the damage to get your home back to normal.

flood-damage-repair-South Bend, INFlood Damage Repair – South Bend, IN

Natural floods can occur anywhere in the U.S. and the residents of South Bend, IN, and the surrounding areas have experienced their fair share of flooding.  Floods can cause serious property damage and if a significant amount of flood water gets into your home or building, it can cause mold growth as well.  Natural floods are not the only source of indoor flooding as burst pipes, leaks, and sewage backups can also result in standing water in your home or building.  Monroe Restoration provides flood damage restoration services to remove flood water from homes and businesses in South Bend, IN.  We use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to ensure that all flood water is removed and we will also effectively clean and restore the damaged areas.

fire-damage-restoration-South Bend, INFire and Smoke Damage Repair – South Bend, IN

Fires happen very quickly in a home or building and the damage left in the aftermath of a fire will keep spreading until the proper action is taken.  Monroe Restoration provides fire and smoke damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in South Bend, IN recover after a fire.  Each of our technicians is highly trained and uses the latest equipment and methods to help restore your home and personal belongings.  We can help you make decisions on whether to repair or replace certain structural elements and personal belongings and we can remove soot damage from a range of delicate household surfaces.

mold-remediation-South Bend, INMold Remediation – South Bend, IN

The presence of mold in a home or building is a serious issue as it can spread if left unchecked and cause health issues such as allergies and infection.  Building materials such as wood, insulation, and drywall provide a food source for mold and a moisture source will cause it to form and spread throughout the building.  Monroe Restoration provides mold remediation services for homes and buildings in South Bend, IN with mold growth.  Our technicians can remove the mold without allowing it to spread to unaffected areas and repair the moisture source to avoid creating the right conditions for mold to grow again.

biohazard-cleaning-South Bend, INBiohazard Cleaning and Disinfection – South Bend, IN

Personal tragedies like murder, suicide, or even an accident may happen to anyone. if you or your family member experiences these devastating events, you should not deal with cleanup and disinfection.  After officials have processed the scene, the lingering biological stains and matter need to be cleaned thoroughly.  At Monroe Restoration, we provide efficient and thorough biohazard cleaning services in South Bend, IN.

Reconstruction-South Bend, INReconstruction Services- South Bend, IN

Whether you’re dealing with water damage, fire damage, or mold issues in your residential or commercial space, we have the expertise to reconstruct and renew, bringing your property back to life. Trust us to handle the reconstruction process efficiently and effectively, ensuring your space is restored to its optimal condition. At Monroe Restoration, we offer reconstruction, rebuild, and repair services in South Bend, IN for residential and commercial properties.

hoarding-cleanup-South Bend, INHoarding Cleanup- South Bend, IN

Reclaim your space with our comprehensive hoarding cleanup and reconstruction aftermath services. From decluttering and sanitization to expert reconstruction, we specialize in restoring properties affected by hoarding. Let us handle the aftermath with care, compassion, and efficiency, transforming spaces into safe and welcoming environments once again. Monroe Restoration in South Bend, IN is here to offer hoarding cleanup services and more.

commercial-restoration-services-South Bend- INCommercial Restoration Services – South Bend, IN

Discover comprehensive Commercial Restoration Services by Monroe Restoration in South Bend, IN. From swift Commercial Water Damage Cleanup to meticulous Fire and Smoke Damage Repair, Mold Damage Repair, and Storm Damage Repair, our experts specialize in restoring commercial properties. Trust Monroe Restoration for excellent Commercial Construction Services, ensuring your property is restored to its pre-damaged condition with efficiency and precision


Call Monroe Restoration 24 hours a day at (574) 891-8076

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Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Ben, Josh, JD, and the rest of the team did an amazing job on our water damage restoration. Everyone was friendly, and professional, and went out of their way to make sure we would be happy with the results. We can’t recommend them enough!"

Deborah Axson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Happy to be home. After experiencing a fire in my home, Monroe Restoration was contacted to repair the damage. Randy was extremely helpful and professional. Jeremy then took over the restoration and was extremely attentive to the project. My questions and concerns were usually answered on the same day. Any glitches and/or requests were addressed quickly. Jeremy went above and beyond to get me back into my home. Thank you, Jeremy and everyone who worked on my home."

Betsy Ruley

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Andy Cronin and Mike Lockwood were professional and meticulous in their work. They were considerate and helpful in working with me in repairing my kitchen walls, cabinets and bathroom shower, and walls. I would recommend them.”

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