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Restoration & Cleaning Services – Valparaiso, Indiana

ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration

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Since 2006, ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration has been serving Valparaiso, IN and the surrounding towns of St. Joe, La Porte, Starke, Elkhart, Marshall, Porter, Lake, Jasper, Pulaski, Allen, Noble, De Kalb Wells, Adams, Huntington, and Whitley counties with professional disaster restoration and cleaning services.  Our staff proudly serves homes and businesses in Northern Indiana and we can handle any size loss in commercial and residential settings.  We also assist with large losses across the country as part of ServiceMaster’s nationwide catastrophic response network.

The main services that we provide include water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, and mold remediation as well as cleaning services such as air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning.  We offer free estimates for each of our cleaning services as well as 24 hour emergency services to respond quickly after a disaster.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration is widely recognized for our performance, customer service, and quality and we are dedicated to helping you through the most difficult disasters.  You can call us 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations in Valparaiso, IN and the surrounding areas in Northern Indiana.

Flood Damage Restoration Valparaiso INWater Damage Restoration – Valparaiso, IN

Many homes and buildings sustain water damage at some point as it can be caused by a range of factors including leaks from pipes or fixtures, excess humidity, heavy rain, or flooding.  It is important to act quickly after discovering water damage because porous materials such as wood and drywall can cause the excess water to spread quickly and eventually contribute to mold growth.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides water damage restoration services to help remove excess water from homes and buildings in Valparaiso, IN.  Our technicians have the training and necessary equipment to dry and repair structures affected by water damage.

Fire Damage Restoration Valparaiso INFire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Valparaiso, IN

Few disasters cause more significant damage to a home than a fire and even after the fire is extinguished, the remaining soot and corrosive byproducts will continue to spread damage.  The etchings from the fire and smoke will become permanent if the proper action is not taken right away.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides fire and smoke damage restoration services for homes and businesses in Valparaiso, IN that have been damaged by a fire.  Our technicians use the most advanced cleaning equipment and products of the industry to remove soot and smoke damage and restore or repair structural damages caused by the fire.

Mold Remediation Valparaiso INMold Removal – Valparaiso, IN

Mold can be a very disturbing site for homeowners and business owners alike as it can quickly spread throughout a building and cause adverse health reactions in addition to property damage.  A moisture source is usually all that is needed for mold to start appearing in a building.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides mold removal services for commercial and residential buildings in Valparaiso, IN.  We will completely remove all mold growth from the building without allowing it to spread to unaffected areas and we will also repair or replace the affected surfaces.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Valparaiso INCarpet Cleaning – Valparaiso, IN

The carpet is often overlooked when it comes to providing the proper maintenance but it is also one of the most heavily used furnishings in a home or building.  Daily foot traffic causes dirt and debris to gather deep in the carpet fibers and if this debris is not removed, it will make the carpet appear dirty and eventually cause it to deteriorate.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides professional carpet cleaning services in Valparaiso, IN to clean and restore all types of carpeting.  With our advanced cleaning equipment, we can remove deeply embedded debris as well as spots and stains.

Air Duct & Hvac Cleaning Valparaiso INAir Duct Cleaning – Valparaiso, IN

The air duct systems is an important system in a home or building because it is responsible for circulating air from the furnace or air conditioner.  However, as air passes through the air ducts, dirt, dust, and other airborne debris gather within the ducts and on the components.  This debris build-up contributes to unhealthy breathing air while also lowering the efficiency of the system.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides air duct cleaning services in Valparaiso, IN to remove this debris from the duct and component parts.  Clean air ducts are more energy efficient and they will circulate cleaner breathing air.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services for Valparaiso, INTile and Grout Cleaning – Valparaiso, IN

Tile and grout surfaces are common features in a home and even though these surfaces are tough and resilient, they are still subject to wear and tear over time.  The finish on tile and grout surfaces wears out with repeated use and this leaves the tiles and grout lines open to stains, debris buildup, and mildew growth.  The accumulation of stains and debris can make the tile and grout surface look discolored and shorten its life.  ServiceMaster by Monroe Restoration provides professional tile and grout cleaning services to remove stains and debris from tile surfaces in Valparaiso, IN.  Our high-pressure water extraction methods can safely and effectively remove dirt, stains, and debris from any tile and grout surface.



Recent Reviews

September 5, 2019
Todd Sobieralski
Niles, MI
ServiceMaster was quick to respond. Right from my first contact with Julie McMahon I got the feeling of reassurance that I had called the right company. David Korlowicz who coordinated everything was GREAT! Very professional, well trained and personable, as was everybody I was in contact with. So glad I called! Thank You! Todd Sobieralski
August 13, 2019
Mishawaka, IN
I was very impressed with the employees of ServiceMaster. All the employees I worked with on the water restoration side were very professional and helpful. Valerie and Jose were excellent workers and went above and beyond what was expected of them. [NAME REMOVED] Annaken Inc.
July 27, 2019
Austin & Rebecca Hart
Three Rivers, IN
We had the best experience with them considering our circumstances. Our basement flooded and they handled everything. The crew came out as soon as they received the call and was so nice. Dried out our basement, brought a dumpster for everything we lost and removed it for us. I would recommend them to anyone.