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Fire Damage Repair in South Bend, IN

Monroe Restoration

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Fire severely chars engulfed goods. Smoke damages ceilings and walls. Once a fire is extinguished, the water left behind causes mold growth within the premises. Strong odors linger in the air once a fire has ravaged the property.

Residences or offices in the South Bend region that are hit with unforeseen fires require the services of a trusted fire damage restoration professional. If your South Bend, IN home or business, meets a major—or even a small—fire, contact Monroe Restoration immediately. Our experienced fire damage restoration technicians use advanced fire restoration technology to restore your affected belongings. The quicker you make the call, the faster our technicians can respond to prevent the continual, steady spread of damage.

Fire Damage Repair in South Bend, IN:

  • We clean your contents on-site. If the premises are too dangerous to perform on-site cleaning, we pack out your goods, clean them at our facility, and return them when you are ready.
  • Our experts perform emergency pre-cleaning and emergency board-up services.
  • We thoroughly clean ceilings and walls plastered with smoke.
  • Our technicians deodorize the affected space to remove staunch odors due to the fire itself or the extinguishment of the fire.
  • We will work with your insurance company to file claims.
  • We offer all reconstruction and repair services.
  • We offer free estimates for fire damage restoration of your home or business.

fire-damage-restoration-South Bend, IN

In the event of a fire, certain steps help to decrease the consequences of the catastrophe:

  • Contact Monroe Restoration immediately once a fire strikes to lessen the impact of soot, smoke, and corrosive byproducts.
  • Ventilate your home: Open doors and windows if temperatures allow.
  • Prevent etching and tarnishing by cleaning chrome, Formica (a surface material), aluminum, or porcelain fixtures.
  • Replace your furnace’s air filter.
  • Help remove soot from the home or business environment by placing a wet cheesecloth over the HVAC return and supply registers.
  • Toss out open food packages; clean out your refrigerator.
  • Sort all fire-damaged apparel to be later sent to a restoration dry cleaner.

Take caution once fire damage strikes. Avoid these activities to prevent further damage to the property or its occupants:

  • Never operate electrical appliances after a fire until a licensed professional inspects them and deems them safe to use.
  • Do not use ceiling fixtures, such as fans or lights, if the ceiling is wet.
  • Do not clean the upholstery or carpeting yourself. Enlist a professional to tackle the cleaning.
  • Avoid touching affected walls, woodwork, or furnishings. Oils from your hands can cause additional damage.
  • Never attempt to wash walls coated with soot. Improper cleaning methods only worsen the issue.

fire-damage-restoration-South Bend, IN

Call us for Fire Damage Restoration in South Bend, IN

Damages that result from a blazing fire continue long after the fire is extinguished. Calling a professional restoration service, like Monroe Restoration, immediately after a fire is the safest plan of action to take to save your valuable items. Our technicians have years of experience and training to professionally restore your South Bend, IN home or business and its contents to its pre-damaged condition.

Our dedicated team is available to take your call 24 hours a day at (574) 891-8076.

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"Ben, Josh, JD, and the rest of the team did an amazing job on our water damage restoration. Everyone was friendly, and professional, and went out of their way to make sure we would be happy with the results. We can’t recommend them enough!"

Deborah Axson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Happy to be home. After experiencing a fire in my home, Monroe Restoration was contacted to repair the damage. Randy was extremely helpful and professional. Jeremy then took over the restoration and was extremely attentive to the project. My questions and concerns were usually answered on the same day. Any glitches and/or requests were addressed quickly. Jeremy went above and beyond to get me back into my home. Thank you, Jeremy and everyone who worked on my home."

Betsy Ruley

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Andy Cronin and Mike Lockwood were professional and meticulous in their work. They were considerate and helpful in working with me in repairing my kitchen walls, cabinets and bathroom shower, and walls. I would recommend them.”

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