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Restoration and Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean-Up Services

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When it comes to providing disaster restoration and disinfection services in Lancaster, PA, and the rest of Lancaster County, RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services owners Libby and Jimmy Green have been in the industry since 1989. While Libby is a native of New York, PA, she happily returned to her hometown to start the company with her husband and provide quality disaster restoration and cleaning services.

Now, her daughter Abigayle and son-in-law Matt are proud to operate the restoration company. For all disaster restoration and home remediation needs in Lancaster, Dauphin, and York counties.

RestorationMaster is a leading restoration company in the industry. We have worked hard to develop an outstanding reputation for handling claims efficiently and providing premium service at competitive prices. Our employees are also each experienced and trained to respond right away in the event of an emergency. We also work with insurance companies during claims coordination for additional peace of mind.

  • Over 30 years of Restoration Experience
  • Available 24/7 Every Day of the Year
  • Licensed, bonded, IICRC certified Restoration Technicians
  • Comprehensive Restoration Services
  • Fast Response and Emergency Assistance
  • Modern, Well-maintained, and Effective equipment

Water-Damage-Restoration-Services-Lancaster-PAWater Damage Restoration in Lancaster, PA

Even for newly constructed homes and buildings, no property is safe from water damage. Everything from rain to natural flooding to plumbing leaks and more is always a risk to cause water and even mold damage to the building structure. As soon as you discover it, you should always treat it as an emergency situation as it is quick to spread through building materials, especially those that are porous like wood, drywall, insulation, etc. If they are left to sit in water, they can incur permanent damage and even mold growth, threatening the personal health of everyone on the property. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services provides water damage restoration in Lancaster, PA to extract all standing water and set up powerful dehumidifiers to remove the remaining moisture from the affected surfaces and air spaces. Each of our technicians is fully trained, experienced, and will respond right away to your call to start the restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration in Lancaster, PA

While it’s a relief to know that a fire is finally extinguished in your home and everyone has safely evacuated, the restoration process must be started right away to limit the secondary damage from the smoke. When the smoke spreads from the remains of the fire, it will flow throughout the property and cover the remaining surfaces in a thick, oily residue. While your items and building materials can still be saved at this point, it’s never recommended to use home remedies to restore them. In fact, they will only worsen the damage. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available 24/7 in Lancaster, PA to provide fire restoration services for homes and buildings. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to respond right away, addressing high-priority surfaces and items first to prevent the damage from becoming permanent. We will then provide structural repairs for permanently damaged building materials.

Smoke and Soot Removal and Deodorization in Lancaster, PA

While fires can cause significant damage to homes and buildings, the smoke and soot byproducts it leaves behind can cause severe damage to the remaining surfaces and items. If left to sit, they can compromise the structural buildup of the surface through etching and tarnishing. The smoke odor left behind will also permeate throughout the property, and the walls will absorb the odor particles, making it impossible to remove with home cleaners. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available in Lancaster, PA to provide smoke and soot removal as well as deodorization services to remove all byproducts left behind from the fire as well as the remaining odors. Our technicians use professional products to carefully wipe down the affected surfaces and use advanced technology to remove all odor particles from the porous materials on the property.

Hoarding-Cleaning-Lancaster-PAHoarding Cleanup in Lancaster, PA

While many families are aware of the tendencies and effects of hoarding, they may view it as laziness. But the truth is that the individual affected by hoarding is battling a deep depression or anxiety towards parting with their items. Many hoarders have developed an emotional bond with their items, forming a relationship as if the items were alive. Hoarding, which is a mental disorder, often results in the accumulation of items within the home, often creating safety and health hazards for everyone. It’s important for a loved one to reach out to the individual to help them understand their situation, then contact a cleanup service. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas to provide hoarding cleaning. Our technicians are both trained and experienced to handle these cases, cleaning up properties and restoring them to safe and healthy conditions.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning in Lancaster, PA

It’s certainly not every day that people come across the scene of a violent death or accident on their property. But finding other biohazards like mold, sewage waste material, and vomit is more common. Regardless of the source, these biohazards must be cleaned up right away by professionals using the right products and personal protective equipment (PPE). RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas to provide biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services. Our technicians are certified and will respond right away to your first call. They are also experienced in working with law enforcement during crime scenes to not disturb an investigation. Our professionals ensure to work with compassion and respect in regards to grieving families.

Disinfection and Cleaning Services in Lancaster, PA

Many bacteria, viruses, and pathogens swarm within homes and buildings, especially on high-touch surfaces like door handles, desks, tables, chairs, and office supplies. While most of us don’t think much of it, it’s important to practice sanitation measures to prevent the spread of viruses, diseases, and other sicknesses. RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is available in Lancaster, PA to provide disinfection and cleaning services and help prevent the spread of germs, pathogens, and other disease-causing illnesses. Our technicians are skilled in using EPA and CDC-approved, hospital-grade cleaning products to fully remove a number of bacteria and pathogens, including: Norovirus, Influenza H1N1, COVID-19, MRSA, and much more.

Mold Remediation in Lancaster, PA

Mold is a problem that can occur at any time within homes and buildings.  All mold growth needs to form is moisture and a food source which can be found in most common building materials.  Mold can cause significant property damage by eating away at the affected surfaces and exposure to mold can lead to several different health complications.  RestorationMaster Fire & Water Cleanup provides mold remediation services in Lancaster, PA to remove mold growth from homes and businesses.  Our technicians will locate and remove all mold from your property and restore the damaged areas.

Contact RestorationMasterFire & Water Clean-Up Services

RestorationMaster is a full-service provider and will accept all insurance, whether you have homeowners or renters insurance. We are also here for you when you need us most, whether after a storm hits or when you need help cleaning your home or apartment. We also work with many clients who do not have insurance coverage. In that case, we can work with you to find ways to arrange financing and payment of your loss in the most affordable way for you.

For any of the restoration or cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services at (888) 915-7197.