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Fire Damage Restoration in Lancaster, PA

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services

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Not many disasters are as dangerous as fires, especially when they spread throughout all areas of the home or building. Fires in particular, are horrendous as many sources can start and spread flames in a matter of seconds. But regardless of how far it spreads, everyone must react quickly to evacuate and call the fire department. As soon as the flames are out, immediate action must be taken to call for fire restoration services to prevent secondary damage from the smoke and soot.

RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services provides fire damage restoration services in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas to save as many building materials and items as possible. Upon our arrival, we will assess the damage and start the fire cleanup process for all at-risk items to save as many as possible. The building structure will also be stabilized, followed by structural repairs to prevent the risk of collapse. A complete fire restoration plan will then be developed to allow for the most efficient and effective process.

Why Fire Restoration in Lancaster, PA, Needs to Happen Fast

When fires happen, there are two levels of damage that occur: those from fire and then smoke.

When the flames spread throughout the property, the chemical combustion of the items and building materials is the primary damage, quickly causing permanent destruction. The secondary damage is caused by the smoke and soot that was produced from the burning items, covering the remaining surfaces in an oily, thick residue that will also become permanent without immediate action from soot removal services.

While the damage isn’t permanent right away, the smoke and soot particles will soon cause etching, tarnishing, and corrosion to the building materials if they aren’t properly cleaned. This is why it’s essential to start the fire restoration process as soon as possible.

Watch RestorationMaster Video for more information on Fire Damage Restoration Process

Each of our fire restoration technicians at RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services is trained and experienced to respond right away to fire damage cases. After a full assessment of the extent of the damage, we will develop a detailed fire damage cleanup plan that allows for efficient and effective property restoration.

We will first use advanced fire cleaning products to prevent the smoke from spreading while cleaning damaged surfaces. We will also provide reconstruction services to perform structural repairs for building materials permanently damaged from the flames.

Each of the following is included within our fire damage restoration services for the Lancaster, PA area:

  • Complete assessment of the damage, followed by a detailed fire restoration plan
  • Identification of the fire source
  • Removal of all items and valuable documents to prevent further damage
  • Water mitigation of damage from fire hoses
  • Removal of permanently damaged structural materials and furnishings
  • Structural repairs
  • Deep cleaning of smoke-damaged surfaces and items using advanced cleaning products
  • Fire and smoke odor removal

Contact RestorationMaster for Fire Damage Restoration in Lancaster, PA

RestorationMaster specializes in emergency water and fire damage restoration services. Our goal is to restore your home or office as soon as possible and minimize any inconvenience caused by the event. We respond quickly to emergencies, have a fast turnaround time, and use the most effective equipment available to ensure that your property is restored within the time frame and budget established by our technicians. Our technicians are bonded and licensed and are IICRC certified.

For emergency fire restoration services in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster Fire & Water Clean Up Services at (888) 915-7197.

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