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Content Cleaning and Pack Out Services in Albany, OR 97322



While it is true that building materials will receive the majority of the damage when the property experiences water, fire, or mold damage, personal items may also be affected. While traditional restoration services will only attend to the building materials, RestorationMaster provides content cleaning services in order properly restore all affected belongings. As items may become ruined if not treated immediately, our technicians are experienced and trained to use effective products that will restore the content to their original conditions. We also provide pack out services in which we will pack your belongings and restore them at our facility if the condition of your property does not allow for proper content cleaning.

Content Restoration and Cleaning

During a natural disaster, nobody has time to gather their belongings and run for the door. But thankfully, many items are able to take on considerable damage before being considered unsalvageable. As long as RestorationMaster is contacted immediately after the damage has occurred, the majority of items can be restored to their original condition. Our staff is trained to use advanced products and equipment in addition to applying effective deodorizers that will rid the property of any foul smells lingering after the damage. We will also notify you if the condition of the property is not secure for the proper restoration of your belongings.

Pack-Out Services

Sometimes natural disasters can leave the home or building in an unstable condition in which the personal items will need to be transported to our facility for restoration and storage. In this case, we will create a detailed inventory of your belongings before transporting them to our climate-controlled facility; we will also provide you and your insurance claims agent with a copy. The items will then undergo an effective restoration process and be safely stored until the repair process on your property is complete. Finally, both your property and content can be restored at the same time as we work at maximum capacity to restore your peace of mind.

While there are numerous traumatic effects a natural disaster can have on a family or business, RestorationMaster is a highly reputable company that understands these emergency situations. That is why we are available 24/7 to provide content cleaning and pack out services in the Albany, OR 97322 area at 888-915-8868. Call us right away upon experiencing a large loss to get the restoration process started right away on your belongings.