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Water Damage Restoration for Towson, MD



From heavy rain, flooding, and other weather conditions to leaky pipes, pipe bursts, malfunctioning appliances, and other internal concerns, water damage can be difficult to avoid in your home or business. When your property has been affected by excess water or moisture, you need to act immediately to limit the damage that’s done. Drywall, wood, and other common building materials are porous, so they absorb and spread water quickly. Water damage also encourages mold growth, which makes for an additional problem to deal with.


Water Damage Restoration in Towson, MD

With our water damage restoration services, RestorationMaster will restore water-damaged homes and businesses in Towson, MD. We employ a staff of highly-trained, IICRC-certified professionals who are equipped to eliminate excess moisture and water from your property. With this extraction, we prevent further damage and potential mold growth.

Be it a large amount or a small puddle, porous building materials can absorb excess water and moisture which results in damage to your property. When building materials absorb enough moisture or water, they can become rotten, warped, and/or discolored in addition to being affected by mold growth. These issues can all cause severe structural problems. Knowing this, it is crucial to address any water damage immediately; otherwise, it will just worsen. Use the following tips to limit water damage:

  • If you can, locate and address the water source.
  • Make sure any drapes and upholstery skirts are off the floor.
  • Place all of your valuables, photos, paintings, and other delicate items in a safe and dry location.
  • Place aluminum foil beneath furniture legs to prevent further damage and protect the floor.
  • Do not clean any floodwater on your own, as it might be contaminated and cause health problems.
  • Call RestorationMaster to seek help from the professional water damage restoration services we provide.


Trusted Water Removal

RestorationMaster employs technicians who have IICRC certification to conduct water mitigation work. We use the industry’s best, most advanced drying and dehumidification equipment and methods to eliminate excess water and moisture from damaged building materials and furnishings. After the water and moisture extraction process, our technicians then clean and restore the areas that were damaged.

Our water damage restoration services include the following steps:

  • Primary evaluation to figure out how much damage there is
  • Water extraction and subsequent drying
  • Structural drying
  • If necessary, demolition
  • Affected furnishings and contents drying
  • Upholstery and carpeting cleaning
  • Sewage backup cleaning

Call Us for Water Damage Restoration in Towson, MD

Water damage is quick to worsen, so you should never ignore any water damage in your residential or commercial property.

If your home or business has suffered water damage, then call 443-971-3957, where RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies in Towson, MD. We work with insurance.


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