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Hoarding Cleanup in Rochester, NH


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In a hoarding situation, living spaces become cluttered to the point where they’re nearly uninhabitable. Piles of newspapers, magazines, clothing, household items, and sometimes even garbage can fill rooms, making them impassable and unsanitary. Hoarding behaviors can severely impact an individual’s quality of life, relationships, and even their physical health.

RestorationMaster is dedicated to offering comprehensive hoarding cleanup services for residences and commercial establishments throughout Rochester, NH. Our team comprises trained professionals who handle hoarding situations with both expertise and empathy, assisting clients in reclaiming their living and working spaces. Whether it’s a small-scale home cleanup or a large commercial restoration project, RestorationMaster approaches each task with professionalism and a commitment to thoroughness, guaranteeing an efficient cleanup process.

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The Hazards of Hoarding

Hoarding creates dangers beyond just the clutter you see. Let’s look at the risks involved in hoarding, both inside and out:

  • Physical Hazards: Piles of clutter obstructing walkways significantly increase the likelihood of tripping and falling, particularly when items are stacked haphazardly. Moreover, the heavy accumulation of belongings exerts strain on structural integrity, potentially leading to collapses or impairments in the building’s infrastructure. This accumulation also presents fire hazards, as clutter can obstruct exits and impede firefighting efforts, while combustible materials like paper and fabrics escalate the risk of fires spreading rapidly throughout the cluttered space. 
  • Internal Hazards: Hoarding can make people feel really ashamed and embarrassed, causing them to avoid others and not ask for help. This isolation can strain relationships and make it even harder to get support. On top of that, hoarding creates health risks because all the clutter makes it tough to clean properly. Dust, mold, and mildew build up, leading to breathing problems, allergies, and other health issues.
  • Cleaning Hazards: Cleaning cluttered spaces can expose individuals to harmful substances, putting their health at risk. Expired medications, toxic chemicals, and even biological waste may lurk within the clutter, posing hazards to those attempting to tidy up. Beyond physical health concerns, cleaning out hoarded spaces can take a significant emotional toll. Individuals with hoarding disorder often experience intense emotional stress during the cleaning process, grappling with feelings of loss and anxiety.

Hoarding Cleanup in Rochester, NH Area

RestorationMaster professionals will first meet to plan your cleanup, focusing on your specific needs. Our hoarding cleaning experts will then work with you to reach your goals. Here’s our 3-step approach.

Establish a Personal Connection

  • Our hoarding cleanup specialists understand that hoarding is a distressing issue. We take appropriate steps to establish mutual trust and respect with the sufferer, first and foremost.
  • We scope the disarray within the home and come to an agreement with the homeowner or family member regarding the necessary stages of cleanup, from start to finish.

Develop and Implement the Cleanup Plan

  • Our technicians develop the most appropriate cleanup plan to remove all undesirable, hoarded items.
  • Prior to beginning the physical cleanup, we discuss options to keep, recycle, donate or discard items in the home.
  • We also assist in the reorganization of the home once all hoarded products are removed.

Maintain the Cleanup

The physical cleanup is just the beginning of the recovery process. Our professionals cooperate with the individual affected by hoarding to formulate an easy-to-follow maintenance plan. The goal is to keep the home clutter-free and as sanitary as possible to ensure the health and well-being of the residents. Expect our team to offer short-term follow-ups to ensure the maintenance plan is upheld, offering assistance as necessary.

What is Included in Our Hoarding Cleanup Services?

  • Clutter and junk removal
  • Cleaning and restoring porous surfaces (such as carpets, drapes, and furniture)
  • Cleaning hard surfaces (like ceilings, floors, walls, and blinds)
  • Restoration services (Fire, water, mold)
  • Reconstruction services

Hire RestorationMaster for Hoarding Cleaning in Rochester, NH

Every individual deserves a hospitable home, one that is nontoxic and offers sanitary living conditions. If you know a friend, family member or neighbor who suffers from hoarding, reach out to them and offer to help. Then contact RestorationMaster to remove all unwanted objects that pose a risk to the resident and restore the home to its most hygienic state.

You can reach us at (781) 604-1476 to get a free estimate on hoarding services and immediate assistance in Rochester, NH.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hoarding services cost?

Our hoarding cleanup services generally range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on the scale of the cleanup needed.

Can a house be condemned for hoarding?

Yes, a house can be condemned due to hoarding if the hoarding creates hazardous conditions that violate local health, safety, or building codes. Hoarding can lead to a range of safety concerns, including fire hazards, structural damage, sanitation issues, and pest infestations. If local authorities determine that the hoarding poses a significant risk to occupants or neighboring properties, they may condemn the house, meaning it is deemed unfit for habitation until the hazards are addressed.

Does homeowners insurance cover hoarding cleanup?

Homeowners’ insurance is meant to offer financial security in case of property damage or loss. Yet, for those dealing with hoarding disorder, standard policies might not cover hoarding cleanup costs, if they cover them at all.

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