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Water Extraction in Omaha, NE


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Water damage is a major inconvenience and can end up costing you a lot of time and money. Whether the cause is a natural occurrence such as from a major rainstorm or flood, or from a plumbing issue or building integrity issue, water damage can lead to some huge problems. Luckily, RestorationMaster is here to help you out with our water extraction services in Omaha, NE.

Risks of Water Damage

There are many problems that can arise from leaving water damage unattended. Here are some of them to name a few:

  • Mold infestation – Where there is moisture, there’s mold. Leaving standing water unattended for extended periods of time can lead to a mold infestation issue.
  • Building damage – Water left for extended periods of time can cause a lot of damage to the building, resulting in even more financial expenditures to fix the issue.
  • Electrical fires – Standing water can reach areas of the building that have electrical wiring, which can lead to an electrical fire.
  • Pests – Many insects are attracted to water, which could be problematic in the event of a standing water issue within a building.

Water Extraction Process

Call RestorationMaster today at (402) 673-6244 to book a consultation.

At RestorationMaster, our tried and tested water extraction process is all-encompassing, so that you only have to call us one time. We do it right the first time, something we take pride in. Our process includes an intensive inspection of the area damaged by water where we attempt to find the source of the water seepage. We then use our fast drying equipment to dry out the entire area.

Don’t wait any longer! Give RestorationMaster a call today at (402) 673-6244 so we can take care of your water extraction issues in Omaha, NE.

Water Extraction Services in Omaha, NE

We take pride in what we do! We want to help you in the most efficient way possible. We always want to take care of our clients and make it as painless as possible. That’s the ServiceMaster way!

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