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Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Nashua, NH

ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc.

(603) 967-4744

Water is the leading cause of damage in homes and businesses because it comes from so many different sources. If the dishwasher doesn’t seal right, the kitchen floor becomes a swamp. Every parent is terrified that one of their children will flush something large down the toilet, resulting in an expensive call to the plumber. It also ends up with water all over the floor. A storm can cause rain to flood the basement. Household materials like drywall, furniture, and wood are porous and absorb water, spreading it further through your home or business. This not only spreads the damage, but also leads to mold growth.Our experts will be onsite within 2-4 hours of your initial call to assess the situation and begin the mitigation and remediation process.

Water Damage Restoration for Nashua, NH by ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc.

Water Damage Restoration in Nashua, NH

ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. provides full service water damage restoration to residential and commercial clients in Nashua, NH and surrounding areas who need remediation. Water damage should always be taken seriously because the amount visible may be only an indication of the full extent of the destruction. The professionals at ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. have all the necessary training to remove excess water and moisture, restore furnishings and heirlooms, and stop the spread of mold before it can infest the rest of the building. We can manage restoration projects of any size, commercial or residential, and we use the most advanced products and equipment available in the industry.

ServiceMaster Comprehensive Water Damage Restoration includes:

Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Nashua, NH –
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For flood and water damage restoration services in Nashua, NH, contact ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc., 24/7, at (603) 967-4744.

What to Do If You Find Excess Water in Nashua, NH

It’s easy to panic if you find an indoor pool at your home or business, but it will only make the situation worse. A few quick actions will keep things from becoming more serious until help can arrive.

Call ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. immediately. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for situations just like this. While you wait, there are a few things you can do:

  • Remove temporary rugs and floor coverings, but not carpets. Leave that to the professionals.
  • Slide curtain ends through coat hangers and hang them from the rod to keep them out of the water.
  • Wipe down wet furniture and slide aluminum foil under the legs. Prop up the cushions to let air circulate.
  • Move photos, paintings, and other valuable objects to a safer place but keep books on shelves. We can dry them to prevent warping.
  • Open closet doors, drawers and cabinets to allow air to circulate and prevent mold growth.

What Not To Do If You Find Excess Water

  • Never walk into a room with standing water if the power is still on.Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Nashua, NH by ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc.
  • Don’t remove permanently installed carpet without professional help. It may be torn, stretched, or otherwise damaged and unable to be restored.
  • Don’t use a household vacuum cleaner to remove excess water. They’re designed to pick up small, dry items like dust and crumbs. Water will cause them to short out.
  • Don’t use an electrical appliance while standing on a wet floor.
  • Don’t attempt to clean up mold growth on your own. It’s too easy to spread without proper training, or inhale without the right protective equipment.

Contact Us 24/7

If your home or business in Nashua, NH has excess water because of a sewage backup, flash flood, broken pipe, or any reason, call the trusted experts at ServiceMaster by Disaster Associates, Inc. We work with your insurance company to expedite your claim and provide free estimates so there are no more surprises.

Call us at (603) 967-4744  24 hours a day, 7 days a week for superior water damage remediation in Nashua, NH and the surrounding areas.

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