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Suicide Cleanup Services – Milwaukee, WI


Serving the Milwaukee, WI area since 1976

(414) 413-8008

RestorationMaster Kwik Restore began as a company after the two founders helped a neighbor with theirsuicide clean up needs and ever since, we have empathized with people who have lost a friend or family member to suicide.  When a suicide occurs, it is the surviving family members and friends that suffer the most and for the past 15 years, RestorationMaster has been providing suicide cleanup services in Milwaukee to decontaminate the scene and help begin the recovery process.

Why Call The Suicide Clean Up Experts

Suicide scenes often involve biohazard materials such as blood, bodily fluids, and human tissues that can be overwhelming to clean up both physically and emotionally.  Biohazard materials not only add a disturbing element to suicide scenes, but they could also spread infection and disease if they are not properly disinfected and sanitized.  Suicide scenes may also present unexpected challenges as loved ones of the victim may be present and any objects used by the victim such as a weapon or hypodermic needle must be handled properly.

RestorationMaster Suicide Cleanup Services

The suicide clean up technicians of RestorationMaster have professional training to properly restore the scene and we always display a sense of empathy to the family and loved ones of the victim.  We completely remove all blood, bodily fluids, and odors from the scene to help get the area back to its natural state.  Our suicide clean up service also includes:

  • Compliance with OSHA regulations and state and federal standards.
  • Licensed and bonded technicians.
  • Trained and insured technicians.
  • Licensed medical waste disposal.

Suicide Support Services

The purpose of our suicide clean up services is to quickly restore the scene back to its original condition to help the families of the victim begin the healing process.  It can be very difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one to suicide and we refer our customers to suicide support services so that they can receive professional counseling to help them cope with the emotions from the tragedy.

We are on call at (414) 433-8008 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide suicide clean up services to Milwaukee and the surrounding communities in Wisconsin.