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Storm Damage Restoration in Milwaukee, WI 53215


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While it is not common for southern Wisconsin to receive tornadoes or hurricanes, the residents are no strangers to blizzards and thunderstorms. Although there are more disastrous natural disasters, the damage caused by the wind and snow can be extremely severe, collapsing roofs and blowing over large objects. When this happens, not many property owners are aware of the emergency services available in their area. But RestorationMaster is available 24/7 in the Milwaukee, WI area to provide effective storm damage restoration services for both commercial and residential properties. Our technicians have years of experience in both repairing and restoring building structure, containing the damage and repairing it to its original condition.

Repairs and Restoration from Blizzards

The colder months are certainly a tough time for those living in Wisconsin. Blizzards will cause a lot of inconveniences, including driving difficulties, creating icy surfaces, and even blocking the front door! However, they can also be extremely destructive to your home by adding a lot of weight on your roof. If there is a large amount of snow that has piled up, it is likely that the roof can collapse and you are faced with a large hole in your building structure. In addition, you will also have water damage from the snow that has melted onto your floors. However, the technicians at RestorationMaster will arrive immediately to repair the damaged structure and restore the damage with storm damage restoration services. They have years of experience in repairing building structure of all types and restoring damage caused by water, fire, and even mold.

Snow and Water Damage Restoration

While many property owners enjoy snow around the holidays, it can be frustrating to deal with after it has mixed with dirt and debris. Although adding salt will melt the ice, it can also be damaging to a number of surfaces, including your clothes, car, and building structure. But in the event that the blizzard winds have knocked over any trees or signs onto your property, it is essential to call emergency reconstruction services right away. RestorationMaster is available to remove any debris blown onto your property from the storm as well as restore the damage caused by any snow, salt, water. The technicians will immediately contain the affected area, extract all excess water, and set up specialized drying equipment for enhanced drying. We also work with insurance to allow the claims process to run smoothly for you.

The following is provided by our storm damage restoration services:

  • Emergency tarping and board up services/containment of the damage
  • Reconstruction of exterior and interior building structure
  • Removal of all debris, including broken glass, sticks, rocks, branches, etc.
  • Complete water extraction
  • Damage Restoration of all affected surfaces

Rain and Wind Damage

While the damage caused by blizzards can be severe, property owners must also be aware of the effects of rain and wind, especially in the Milwaukee, WI area. While strong winds are able to reach up to 80 mph, this can be extremely dangerous to the building structure of your home or building. They have the ability to blow over large objects, such as trees, signs, and telephone poles, carry around debris to break windows, and even rip off roof shingles and sidings. If you have recently discovered significant damage from a severe rain or thunderstorm, do not hesitate to call the technicians at RestorationMaster. They have years of experience in completely repair both the interior and exterior structure caused by wind damage. Finally, with our services, you can expect to have your property effectively repaired and restored in a timely manner.

For emergency storm damage restoration services in the Milwaukee, WI area, RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (262) 373-6676.