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Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, WI 53215


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A room’s furnishings certainly add to the aesthetics of the entire room, not to mention how much comfort they provide. However, when covered in debris and stains, they may not look so enticing. In fact, it can detract from the entire room. For business owners, it would look unprofessional to have a prospect client use a furnishing that is worn or deteriorated. This may even affect their purchasing decision. However, RestorationMaster provides professional upholstery and furniture cleaning services in the Milwaukee, WI area to completely remove the embedded debris from the fabric. Our technicians are specially trained and experienced to use specialized products that are safe for furniture of all types.

Residential Furniture Cleaning

There are always different types of furniture to be found in every room, whether it is made of leather, linen, cotton, silk, or others. However, it is these materials that will hold dirt and become worn over time. Even for minor use, the embedded debris will accelerate the wearing of the furniture, causing the dirt to become abrasive. However, professional furniture and upholstery cleaning services will prevent this from happening and remove all dirt from the fabric. Our technicians have been able to perfect a specialized technique over the years, called the hot water extraction method. This procedure is guaranteed to sanitize the fabric and extract all dirt without harming the furnishing itself.

Our upholstery cleaning services completely cover all of the following procedures:

  • Pre-inspection of the furnishings
  • Pre-treatment of the stains and vacuuming to remove excess debris
  • Complete cleaning using the hot water extraction method
  • Final washing and polishing of the furniture frames

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

While residential upholstery cleaning can certainly provide more comfort within a home, a commercial cleaning is even more important in order to maintain the professionalism within a business. This will also provide a clean and healthy working space for employees to work productively. As long as professional cleaning services are used when needed, deterioration of the fabric from embedded debris can be avoided. It can even prolong the life of the furniture. Finally, you can save money from having to replace the upholstery in the future as a result of maintaining a like-new condition of your own furnishings. RestorationMaster also uses the hot water extraction method that is guaranteed to remove even the toughest stains deep within the fabric. After we are finished, you can expect not only a brand-new look and feel within the furnishings, but even the entire room.

While it is important to maintain clean furniture, it can also provide business owners with an advantage of maintaining professionalism within the office. Professional furniture and upholstery cleaning services are guaranteed to restore the like-new condition of furnishings of all types. Call RestorationMaster at (262) 373-6676 for more information about the cleaning your furnishings in the Milwaukee, WI area.