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Property Damage Restoration in Kingman, AZ 86402

(702) 786-1999

At ServiceMaster EMT, we can help you combat the most frustrating form of property damage; vandalism. Because this is not a common cause of property damage, such as fires, floods, and storms, vandalism is a type of property damage that cannot be prepared for. The amount of damage that results from vandalism varies due to the act and how this act was committed.

ServiceMaster EMT serves the Kingman, AZ area with vandalism and property damage restoration services. Our technicians are fully equipped to restore your property after experiencing this type of damage.

Vandalism Restoration Services

Property Damage Restoration in Kingman, AZ 86402Going through any kind of property damage can be frustrating, especially when the damage is done directly by a malicious individual. Property damage of this type is tackled effectively by our technicians using their knowledge and training in disaster restoration. Utilizing our advanced cleaning equipment, we can make the transition back to normal a stress-free process. Also, if any furnishings or structural elements were damaged from the vandalism, we will repair them.

If the unfortunate event that vandalism has caused damage to your home or property, contact ServiceMaster EMT, and take the following steps to limit the amount of damage:

  • If the building or home has debris on the outside, wash away the residue as soon as possible
  • Scrape any food debris instead of rubbing it off of carpeting and walls
  • Vacuum small glass pieces or remove with a broom depending on size
  • Before cleaning, document any and all damage

While limiting the damage, please avoid doing these things to let the experts do their best work:

  • Please do not try to clean chemical stains
  • Please do not try to use any damaged electrical appliances
  • Please do not throw any damaged items away, as our experts could use them to help with repairs
  • Please do not clean any fabrics, as our experts are trained specifically to do this

If you find that your home or property has been affected by vandalism, contact ServiceMaster EMT for vandalism and property damage restoration services in the Kingman, AZ area. Our technicians are trained and prepared to restore and repair property damage caused by vandalism and will get your home or property back to normal.

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We are available 24/7 at (702) 786-1999 for more information about our property damage and vandalism restoration services.

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Great friendly people; professionally and quickly handled by situation. Highly recommended.

ServiceMaster treated me with respect, dignity, and patience. Especially Ivan, Jerardo, Laura, Jungi, Carlos regarding my water claim. They were flexible in scheduling when we both needed flexibility(me due to having to come from the Hilton where I was staying, and them due to emergency calls from residents out of this area.) They treated moving furniture and contents delicately. The took the time to answer questions which gave me an added sense of comfort. Please share the above comments with them. Thank you for your service [NAME REMOVED]
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