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Water Damage Restoration in Fort Wayne, IN

Monroe Restoration

(574) 891-8076

Water is the leading cause of property damage because it comes from a number of different sources. Flash floods, broken pipes, and leaking appliances all lead to excess water in homes and businesses. But it’s almost impossible to prevent all causes of water damage; therefore, it’s important to quickly take action at the first sign of it.

Monroe Restoration provides efficient water damage restoration services for commercial and residential clients in Fort Wayne and northeastern Indiana. We respond quickly to stop the spread of water and begin the remediation process before the damage becomes permanent or mold begins to grow. Effective drying equipment is also used to remove excess water from furnishings and structural elements, as well as dry contents and repair the structure.

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Damage Caused By Water

Water does more than just dampen the floors. As it spreads through a building, it’s absorbed by porous materials like drywall, insulation, and textiles, which help move it even further. This leads to discoloring on walls and ceilings, warped wood furniture and floors, and soaked electronics and computers.

Without quick water restoration, the damage will become permanent.

Mold growth also starts as fast as 48 hours because the spores scatter throughout the air, feeding on common household food sources like paper and drywall. Once they find a source of moisture, they grow quickly and cause destruction of their own, including health problems.

Fortunately, our water damage restoration technicians are equipped to perform mold remediation as well.

Water Damage Restoration in Fort Wayne, IN

At Monroe Restoration, our trained experts handle restoration projects of all sizes, using advanced equipment and products to guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind every time.

All standing water and excess moisture are removed quickly before developing mold or permanent damage. We also work with insurance companies to allow the claims process to run smoothly.

Our water damage cleanup technicians provide all of the following:

  • Initial assessment of the situation to develop a remediation plan
  • Water extraction using heavy-duty equipment
  • Drying and restoring furnishings and structural elements
  • Drying and restoring carpets and upholstery
  • Content cleaning and document restoration
  • Mold remediation, if necessary
  • Application of antimicrobial products to prevent mold and bacteria growth
  • Final inspection with the property owner to ensure satisfaction

Water Mitigation – What to Do

It’s important to call for expert water damage restoration, such as Monroe Restoration, quickly, before the damage becomes permanent.

While you wait for help to arrive, there are a few things you can do to limit the spread of the destruction.

  • Set aside items for priority restoration, such as electronics, computers, and books. These items can be salvaged, but only if restoration begins right away.
  • Blot excess water from the furniture and other surfaces and slide aluminum foil under the legs to protect them. Prop up cushions to allow for proper circulation air circulate.
  • Remove temporary floor coverings, like rugs and mats. Don’t try to remove professionally installed carpet; it’s too easy to stretch or tear. Leave this to the professionals.
  • Slide the ends of long curtains through coat hangers and hang them from the rods to keep the ends out of water.
  • Move photos, artwork, and other valuables to another area, but keep wet books tightly packed on shelves until we can dry them, to prevent warping.
  • If the outdoor temperatures are warm enough, open doors and windows to let in the fresh air. Open cabinet doors and drawers to allow air circulation.

Flood Cleanup – What NOT to Do

  • Never enter a room that has standing water if the power is still turned on.
  • Don’t use appliances that have been wet or fixtures on a wet ceiling until an electrician has inspected them. In the case of small appliances like toasters, it may be cheaper to buy new ones.
  • Don’t use a household vacuum cleaner to remove standing water. These are designed for dry debris, like dust and dirt.
  • Don’t remove the professionally installed carpet. Our technicians have experience and training to remove wet carpets without damaging them.
  • Don’t remove mold by yourself. It’s too easy to spread the spores and infect yourself and the rest of your home. Commercially available cleaners aren’t strong enough to kill mold.

Call Monroe for Water Damage in Fort Wayne, IN

When you need high-quality water damage restoration for any reason in Fort Wayne or anywhere in northeastern Indiana, call Monroe Restoration. We’re available day or night to respond to emergencies, stop the spread of the damage, and begin the restoration process.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at (574) 891-8076 for the area’s finest water damage remediation and restoration.


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Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Ben, Josh, JD, and the rest of the team did an amazing job on our water damage restoration. Everyone was friendly, and professional, and went out of their way to make sure we would be happy with the results. We can’t recommend them enough!"

Deborah Axson

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Happy to be home. After experiencing a fire in my home, Monroe Restoration was contacted to repair the damage. Randy was extremely helpful and professional. Jeremy then took over the restoration and was extremely attentive to the project. My questions and concerns were usually answered on the same day. Any glitches and/or requests were addressed quickly. Jeremy went above and beyond to get me back into my home. Thank you, Jeremy and everyone who worked on my home."

Betsy Ruley

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Andy Cronin and Mike Lockwood were professional and meticulous in their work. They were considerate and helpful in working with me in repairing my kitchen walls, cabinets and bathroom shower, and walls. I would recommend them.”

Vickie K

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Everyone was friendly and explained everything they were doing. Very happy with how it turned out.”

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