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Hoarding Cleaning Services In EAST NORRITON or BLUE BELL, PA


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Hoarding is a mental disorder that causes an individual to acquire and collect items in their home in massive quantities. Usually, the individual that is dealing with this problem has underlying issues such as depression and anxiety. This causes the individual to keep all items they acquire and bring into their home, leading to unsafe living conditions due to the clutter of the items. Many times, those who are hoarding reach out to friends or family members to help them with cleaning of their home. Once the agreement to clean up the property has been reached, you can reach out to our professional cleaners at RestorationMaster to help you.

RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services in East Norriton and Blue Bell, PA. We can help clear out some of the hoarded items and restore the home to safe living conditions. We are courteous and compassionate to each customer affected by hoarding and collaborate directly with them every step of the way.

Hoarding-Cleanup-Services-in-East-Norriton-Blue-Bell-PADangers of Hoarding

The accumulation of items in massive quantities can be dangerous as it can cause unsafe living conditions. For example, the hoarded items in the home can fall and make it unsafe to move around the property. These items may also not allow for proper cleaning of the home. This can cause the growth of mold and bacteria that is harmful to humans. There is also a substantial risk of dangerous conditions such as the possibility of injury or a fire.

When you are speaking with a person who is hoarding items, make sure that they are aware of the dangers of continuing their hoarding behavior. Before calling our services, please ensure that the owner of the home is ready for clean-up of the hoarded items. They should not be forced to do so but agree to it willfully. Once an agreement has been reached, you can reach out to our professionals to plan the clean-up.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

The first step to cleaning up a home that has been affected by hoarding is to have our highly professional technicians assess it. Next, we will collaborate with the owner to help clean up the property. The owner will have the final word on which items are thrown out by our technicians and which are kept for future use. The last step after the hoarded items have been cleared out of the home by our professionals is to disinfect it and get it to a clean state.

You can expect following from our hoarding services: 

  • Cooperation and respect: Our team will treat the affected individual with courtesy and privacy will be of utmost importance. Our professionals will not remove any items from the household without prior authorization from the affected individual.
  • Removal of unnecessary items:We will carefully remove the no longer needed items. We will either dispose of, recycle, or donate them.
  • Decontamination:We will clean and decontaminate the home, getting rid of any dirt, mold growth, and bacteria to ensure the property is safe for living.
  • Deodorization: Our professional technicians use special deodorization processes to remove any overpowering odors from the home.
  • Working with insurance:Our team will work with your insurance provider to help with the claim.
  • Follow up:We will follow-up with the individual post cleaning to make sure that the owner has been taking care of the home. We can also do a follow-up cleaning if requested.

If you are aware of a person who is dealing with hoarding and would like to clean up and restore their property, call our professionals at RestorationMaster. Our highly trained technicians have experience in collaborating with individuals affected by hoarding to ensure their property is cleaned up and restored back to safe living conditions.

You can call us at (888) 915-7197 for more information regarding our hoarding cleaning services in East Norriton and Blue Bell, PA.

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