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Hoarding Cleaning in Willow Grove and South Hampton, PA

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While most people are aware of the effects of hoarding, not so many understand that it is classified as a mental disorder. Those who are affected are constantly battling a deep anxiety and/or depression that makes it difficult to part with any of their personal items. Over time, clutter will build up and create unsafe conditions, including mold growth, fire hazards, biohazards, tripping hazards, and more.

When facing these conditions, a hoarder’s home must be cleaned and sanitized right away but going into their home without their permission is illegal. It’s best to have a trusted individual reach out to them and inform them of the effects of their situation. After they have agreed to a cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.

RestorationMaster is available in Willow Grove and South Hampton, PA to provide professional hoarding cleaning services to restore an affected individual’s home. Regardless of the situation, our equipment, training, and resources allow us to efficiently and effectively restore homes to safe and healthy living conditions. We also take a compassionate approach to the situation, ensuring to put the affected individual in charge of the cleaning process.

hoarding-cleaning-Willow Grove and Southampton, PAProblems with Hoarding

Hoarding behaviors have very dangerous consequences when the clutter continues to grow. As the individual refuses to discard any of their belongings, unsafe conditions occur. Everything from books, clothes, collectibles, and even large items like furniture, broken appliances, and much more take up significant space within the home.

In extreme cases, hallways and bedrooms become unusable. These cases are very dangerous because the mountains of clutter can fall and cause injuries. Fires can also start and spread quickly, and blocked exits have disastrous consequences.

Other major concerns include health issues caused by mold, pests, and other bacteria hidden within the clutter. These elements will increase allergic reactions, breathing problems, and a number of other issues, only getting worse with the addition of more clutter.

The best way to solve these issues is for a family member or friend to reach out to the affected individual and talk about the effects of their living conditions. While they may be embarrassed to do it themselves, they will realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of once they do so. They just need to be shown compassion and respect during the cleaning process.

Complete Hoarding Cleaning in Willow Grove and Southampton, PA

While it’s important that the home be cleaned, it can only be done with the approval of the affected individual. After they have given their approval, our technicians will remove all clutter from the home and organize it in a pile according to our recommendation as to how it should be discarded.

After removing the unwanted items, we will clean all areas, disinfecting them to remove bacteria, pests, and mold growth. We will handle all parts of the cleaning process to ensure that the home is returned to a safe and healthy living environment.

All of the following are included in our hoarding cleanup services:

  • Approach with compassion and respect: The affected individual is treated with compassion and respect throughout the service and they will have the final decision as to what stays and what is thrown away.
  • Discarding of clutter: All unnecessary items will be removed, and we will help sort, throw away, donate, or recycle the items.
  • Disinfection: All household surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned using advanced products to return the home to sanitary conditions.
  • Odor removal: Any odors left behind from biohazard materials will be removed using advanced technology and methods.
  • Working with insurance: If a claim was filed, we will work with the individual’s insurance agent for additional peace of mind.
  • Follow-up: Our technicians will ensure that the home remains clean by making follow-up appointments. Additional cleaning services can be scheduled as needed.

If you have a loved one that is affected by hoarding, don’t hesitate to reach out to them about their living condition. As soon as you have their approval, contact our professionals for a deep cleaning and discarding of all clutter.

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RestorationMaster is available in Willow Grove and South Hampton, PA to provide hoarding cleaning services for all affected individual’s homes.

Give us a call at (267) 961-7065 for a free estimate.


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