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Hoarding Cleaning in Buckingham and Doylestown, PA

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Nobody likes to admit they have a hoarding issue, but the inner anxiety they battle creates an overwhelming feeling towards getting rid of any item in their home. Over time, the accumulation of items creates unsafe conditions for everyone, but they may be unaware of the danger of their living conditions. In these cases, they need the help of a trusted family member to come to their aid.

After getting their approval for a cleaning service, call RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleaning services in Buckingham and Doylestown, PA and the surrounding areas. Our professionals are licensed, trained, and experienced to handle cases of all severities. We will first work to build a relationship with your loved one, and then begin the cleaning service, putting your loved one in charge of the process.

hoarding-cleanup-Buckingham and Doylestown, PADangers Caused by Hoarding

Before addressing the situation, first put yourself in the shoes of a hoarder. They are dealing with strong anxiety about getting rid of anything, and there’s so much to discard. This can be a very difficult and stressful situation that will require your help. But when talking to them, let them know that their living condition puts them at risk for dangerous consequences, including mold infestations, fires, and serious illness.

After they understand the severity of the situation and agree to a cleaning service, contact RestorationMaster for professional hoarding cleaning services. Our technicians are experts at cleaning and restoring properties to safe living conditions. The service will begin by removing unwanted items with their approval, then disinfecting the home to remove dangerous bacteria, mold, odors, and biohazards. After the service, we will work with their insurance company, if a claim was filed, to make the process as smooth as possible.

Each of the following steps is included in our hoarding cleaning services:

  • Working with compassion and patience: Our technicians will have complete respect and patience when working with your loved one. We will put them in charge of the cleaning process, careful not to throw away anything without their approval.
  • Discarding all unwanted personal belongings: Each item will be sorted according to our recommendation in terms of which to keep, donate, and throw away. Nothing will be removed without their approval.
  • Cleaning and sanitization: After removing all unwanted items, the property will be fully rid of any biohazards, mold, odors, and other bacteria to restore safe and healthy living conditions.
  • Working with insurance: RestorationMaster will work with your loved one’s insurance agent during the claims process, if needed, to allow them to focus on other matters.
  • Final review: We will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure the home stays clean. Additional cleaning appointments can be scheduled if necessary.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Buckingham and Doylestown, PA

There is a growing number of Americans who struggle with hoarding. But in order to clean their home, they must be approached with compassion and understanding first. As soon as they have accepted a cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team right away.

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For professional hoarding cleaning services in Buckingham and Doylestown, PA, contact RestorationMaster at (267) 961-7065.


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