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Smoke Damage Restoration in Boulder City and Mesquite, NV

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Fire damage is unpredictable and devastating to any home or business.  ServiceMaster EMT understands the intricacies and swift action needed to fully recover your property safely. If you are in Boulder City or Mesquite, NV, and need fire damage restoration, do not wait to call. We will respond to your needs right away.

Fire Recovery Process

Fire Damage Restoration in Boulder City and Mesquite, NVThe technicians at ServiceMaster EMT are certified to restore any fire or smoke damage in Boulder City and Mesquite, NV. Our technicians will communicate with you through every step of the restoration to keep you updated on our progress.

The fire damage restoration services we provide may include the following:

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Soot Removal
  • Cleaning of the Building and Contents
  • Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Antiques and Fine Art Restoration
  • Electronic Equipment Restoration
  • Data and Document Recovery
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Content Cleaning and Pack-outs
  • Restoration Dry Cleaning
  • Board Ups

Fire Damage Repair – Check Out This Video

For fire damage restoration services in Boulder City or Mesquite, NV, call ServiceMaster EMT at (702) 786-1999.

Dealing with Fire Damage

Our technicians will thoroughly evaluate the building’s structure. We have to understand whether or not it is safe for our team to be working in and finally if it is safe for the individuals who inhabit it on a regular basis. Whether that means your family, peers, or co-workers, safety is the top priority.

Smoke-Damage-Restoration-in-Boulder-City-and-Mesquite-NVAt ServiceMaster EMT, we are the experts at dealing with the most common fires not limited to:

  • Protein Fire: Cooker, grease, combusted food, or any other living tissues. Least smoke residue of fires.
  • Wood and Paper Fire: Loft, hearth malfunction, trash can fires, and general home fires where wood and drywall play a substantial part.
  • Synthetic Fire: Carpeting, upholstery, electronic, and plastics.
  • Blend Fire: Any mix of at least one of the above. Most big fires wind up being a mix of some sort.

Soot, chemical emissions, and other corrosive byproducts will continue to spread throughout the home after the fire is extinguished and the tarnishing and etching it causes to various surfaces will become permanent if it is not cleaned up quickly enough. Once the fire is completely out, our team goes right to work using expert chemical solutions to remove all damages to surfaces and building structure.

Smoke Odor

Our technicians take the extra step and deal with all lingering smoke odors as well as restoration. Our technicians will remove any smoke odor so that you do not have to live with unpleasant odors.  We use the most advanced deodorization equipment available including Nano carbon technology, thermal fogging, hydroxyl technology, and ozone technology to effectively remove unpleasant odors from furnishings, structural elements, and air spaces.

Fire and smoke damage restoration is something that is very time sensitive. ServiceMaster EMT in Boulder City and Mesquite, NV will work quickly and efficiently to get your life back to normal.

Call Now: (702) 786-1999

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Las Vegas, NV
Very polite cared about our comfort. Very efficient.

Las Vegas, NV
I suspect that the mold remediation job for my condo had some extra unexpected problems, such as a water heater leak and also a prospective dry wall worker going to the condo after it had been ready for a test. There were many frustrations, stresses. My talks with Mr. Levi Wismer and with Mr. Brandon were supportive. However, I was frustrated with a couple of incidents: that my request for a handyman/contractor - that the worker didn't inform me that his contacts were not replied to. This caused me to scramble to find another worker to rebuild the condo. Also referring to the incident when a drywall worker went to the condo immediately after the call to him, by my son, I called the worker twice and was unable to reach him. The drywall worker entered the condo which caused the condo to need to be rescrubbed and more delay with completing this job. Nonetheless, Mr. Wismer was exceptional in being very understanding with me, he was very responsive to my concerns, an intelligent and caring person. I greatly appreciated him, it helped me to cope with the stresses of this job. I am grateful for your excellent workers, service. John J. Castro

Moreno Valley, CA
Polite, courteous staff, very professional and careful when handling fragile materials in the home.
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