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Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services for Wheaton, IL

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With the amount of time that average Americans spend at work, it is important for employers to make sure they are providing a clean and healthy working environment for their employees so that they are comfortable and productive at work.  By making sure your office or workspace is clean, you will improve the appearance of the space which will help your company make a better impression on clients and employees and create a healthier environment by removing dirt and debris.  RestorationMaster  provides commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services for businesses in Wheaton, IL.  These services will help improve the overall cleanliness and appearance of your office.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Wheaton

The overall appearance of an office or workspace is greatly affected by the look of the carpet and if the carpet becomes dirty, stained, or discolored, it can diminish the appearance of the entire space.  Commercial carpeting tends to wear out and discolor quickly as the daily foot traffic causes dirt and other debris to get lodged in the carpet fibers and vacuuming alone will not completely remove it.  RestorationMaster uses advanced cleaning equipment and products to effectively clean and restore all types of commercial carpeting in Wheaton, IL.  Our technicians pre-treat any stains in your carpet with our special products and use our truck-mounted extraction system to deep clean the carpet fibers.  Businesses can hire us for a one-time carpet cleaning service or sign up for regularly scheduled services to keep your carpet clean.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning for Wheaton

Many offices and commercial workspaces have a variety of furniture used by guests and employees and daily use of this furniture causes the upholstery fabric to gather dirt and debris from the direct contact of being used.  This direct contact can also cause abrasiveness of the debris against the fabric which can lead to deterioration of the upholstery.  RestorationMaster provides commercial upholstery cleaning services to help businesses in Wheaton maintain their furniture.  We use the most advanced cleaning equipment and products of the industry to provide the following services:

  • Stain and spot pre-treatment
  • Complete cleaning and drying of the upholstery fabric
  • Frame polishing

Maintaining a clean office can help greatly improve your surroundings and make a better impression on your visitors, clients, and employees and it also creates a healthier environment to work in by keeping dirt, dust, and other debris out of your workspace.  RestorationMaster can keep offices and commercial spaces in Wheaton, IL clean with our commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services.  You can contact us at (630) 427-4046 anytime 24 hours a day to schedule an appointment or learn more about these services.