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Water Damage Restoration in Valencia, CA


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Water damage can be caused by numerous things. Whether the cause is as simple as a burst pipe or as serious as severe weather and flooding, it is important to act fast when it comes to water damage. Water flows very quickly and can easily spread to hard-to-reach places, damaging the porous materials it contacts. Aside from structural damage, water damage can also cause mold growth.

At RestorationMaster, our team of professional technicians is ready to assist with water damage restoration in Valencia, CA and surrounding areas. Using advanced equipment, we will remove the water and moisture and ensure that the affected areas are restored.

Damage Caused by Water and Flooding

Any porous material in your home or business is at risk of water damage. Porous materials will quickly soak up water and hold onto the moisture. This will cause corrosion, decay, and even structural damage. Materials such as carpeting, drywall, and wood are in danger of irreversible damage if the water is not extracted soon enough.

The moisture from water damage can also cause mold growth. Mold growth can compromise the structural integrity of your home or business, and negatively affect your health. Mold spores can cause allergies, skin irritability, respiratory problems, and other health issues.

Watch our Video on Water Damage and What to do:

If you have experienced water damage in your home, don’t wait to get help! If the water sits for too long the damage only gets worse. Call a professional today at (661) 471-3063 to see if restoration services are needed for your flood cleanup.

Professional Water and Flood Damage Restoration


At RestorationMaster, our team of trained professionals are ready to handle any water damage problem that you have. We make sure to clean out and repair any water damage on your property, including mold growth if necessary.

Our water damage restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Evaluation and assessment of the damage and spread of the water
  • Complete water extraction
  • Thorough drying of the affected areas
  • Removal or repair of damaged materials
  • Cleaning and decontamination, including deodorization

Water Damage Repair – What to Do

  • Call RestorationMaster right away to limit the spread of the damage.
  • Mop up or blot dry as much water as you can yourself.
  • Remove any photos, paintings, or artistic objects from the damaged walls and into a safe, dry location.
  • Wipe down furniture, propping up any wet cushions for even drying.
  • Place a piece of aluminum foil underneath furniture legs to prevent the water from traveling up.
  • Leave any books in their shelves. Pack them tightly.
  • Allow for proper air circulation through the home or building to enhance drying.
  • Lift any draperies, such as blinds, curtains, or bed skirts from the floor. Place on a coat hanger to dry.

Flood Cleanup – What to Avoid

  • Do not enter any room with standing water or severe electrical or structural damage.
  • Do not touch any visible mold.
  • Do not try to remove anything that is tacked down to the floor.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to soak up any water.

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It is important to act quickly as soon as you notice flooding and other water damage on your property. RestorationMaster is always ready to take on your water damage. Call us at (661) 471-3063 for emergency water damage restoration in Valencia, CA and the surrounding areas.