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Mold Removal in Minnetonka, MN

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Mold is a natural occurrence in our environment, particularly in the air. But when the mold spores find the right conditions, they will colonize in that area, even if it includes your property structure. There are a number of problems caused by indoor mold: everything from surface to severe structural damage, and even allergy and health problems.

When dealing with mold, it’s important to take action right away as it is always looking for new places to grow. The affected surfaces will also be severely damaged as the fungus eats away at the cellulose contained within the porous materials.

RestorationMaster is available in Minnetonka, MN and the surrounding areas to provide full mold remediation services for homes and buildings to completely eliminate the problem at its source and prevent it from returning. Our specialists arrive fully equipped to identify all affected areas while containing them and removing the mold completely. We can also repair or replace any building materials that were damaged by the mold.

Issues with Mold Growth

Areas that are exposed to moisture are the most common for mold to develop, which is why it appears shortly after water damage. Mold thrives off of only one food source, which is the cellulose contained within the building materials of your home. As the fungus eats away at these porous surfaces, they become weakened and discolored, leading to permanent damage over time.

While property damage is one problem, there is also the issue with how it triggers allergies, asthma, and other negative health effects. Those who are exposed to mold can experience everything from itchy and watery eyes, coughing, headaches, skin and throat irritation, and much more. Long-term effects can even include respiratory infections and cancer after years of exposure.

Professional Mold Removal

Our professionals at RestorationMaster are fully trained and experienced to deal with mold growth of all types and sizes. We know exactly where to look to find all cases, contain them to prevent the spores from spreading, and eliminate them at their source. The powerful, but safe cleaning products we use are designed to penetrate deep within the spores and destroy them from the inside. We will also repair any structural damage caused by the mold while preventing it from returning in the future.

Our mold removal process includes all of the following:

  • Containment of the affected areas
  • Removal of the moisture source
  • Identification and remediation of all affected areas
  • Repairing or replacing affected building materials

When finding mold in your home or building, it’s crucial to act right away, not only to protect your property structure, but to protect your safety. Our technicians are experts in finding all affected areas and eliminating the mold at its source.

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