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Odor Removal in Minnetonka, MN

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Regardless if your home or building was recently involved in a disaster restoration or renovation project, or never had any recent work performed, odors can make it difficult to live or breathe in the property. Odors can permeate from a variety of sources, including smoke, pets, dead animals, mold, and other biological sources.

While some odors may be easy to remove with household cleaning products, others prove to be much more difficult. This is because they have become absorbed within the porous materials of the home, including drywall, furnishings, and ceilings. You may notice that they won’t be covered up for long using air fresheners or other fragrances.

Professional Deodorization

RestorationMaster (RestorationMaster) is available in Minnetonka, MN and the surrounding areas to provide complete odor removal services for homes and buildings, eliminating strong odors from a number of sources to restore the air quality. The powerful deodorizers used by our technicians are designed to extract odor particles from the air and surrounding materials. They also work to remove odors from a variety of sources, including skunks, so you don’t have to worry about smelling anything foul.

Deodorization Process from RestorationMaster

In order to fully remove the odor, one or several techniques may need to be used depending on the odor’s source. Our technicians are experienced and trained to use advanced equipment, including ozone generators, hydroxyl technology, and other odor absorption technology. But regardless of the equipment used, our process consists of all of the following:

  • Identification and removal of the odor’s source
  • Treatment of surfaces affected by the odor
  • Treatment of air spaces affected by the odor
  • Air washing

All of the following odors can be removed with our deodorization equipment:

  • Fire and smoke odors
  • Cigarette odors
  • Pet odors
  • Dead animal and biohazardous odors
  • Mold odors

If you noticed a foul odor in your home or building, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals. As household cleaning agents are not strong enough to remove the odor at its source, only professional products will be able to remove it completely.

Free Estimate

RestorationMaster is available at (888) 583-5345 to provide free estimates for professional deodorization services in Minnetonka, MN and the surrounding areas.