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Hoarding Cleanup in Maple Grove, MN

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Hoarding is often a more complex issue than it seems. While most people look at it as laziness or neglect, most hoarders are actually battling deep anxiety or depression. These problems cause the individual to develop an emotional attachment to each of their belongings.

As this hoard of items grows, dangerous conditions may develop, such as slip-and-trip hazards, mold, and biohazards. But the problem is not as easy as simply cleaning the home; the hoarder must be approached with a sense of dignity and respect before they accept help from a cleaning service. Once they are ready, contact a cleaning service right away.

Licensed Hoarding Cleanup

RestorationMaster is trained and licensed to provide effective hoarding cleanup services in Maple Grove, MN to remove large amounts oHoarding Cleaningf clutter and restore homes to their original condition. Our technicians are trained to approach the individual with a sense of dignity and respect before beginning the cleaning service. After a trustworthy relationship is established, we will begin the cleaning process.

Approaching a Hoarder

Hoarders are not often those who reach out for help. This is because they are either too embarrassed or don’t realize the danger of their situation to do this themselves. You as their loved one must reach out and help them understand the reality of their situation. But when approaching them, it’s important to do so with patience and respect. As soon as they are ready to accept a cleaning service coming to their home, you can help them take the next step.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning in Maple Grove, MN

When starting the hoarding cleaning process, the issue is often more complex and difficult than it appears. This is why it’s important to reach out to a professional cleaning service. RestorationMaster has the professional equipment and products needed to remove all clutter and restore the home to its original condition. Our technicians also use personal protective equipment (PPE) for their own safety and work within the regulations of EPA, OSHA, and the Department of Transportation.

RestorationMaster is also aware of the mental challenges faced by hoarders every day, which is why we approach them with dignity and patience. We will also include them in the cleaning plan, placing them in charge of the decision-making process of what is thrown away and kept.

Our hoarding cleanup process includes the following steps:

  • Removal of unnecessary items
  • Saving high-value items, including money, jewelry, and heirlooms
  • Assistance in deciding what to keep and get rid of
  • Delivery of unique items for friends and family
  • Assistance with legal paperwork as needed
  • Deep cleaning of the home

If you have a loved one that struggles with hoarding, don’t hesitate to reach out to them as soon as possible. RestorationMaster is available to help remove all unneeded items as well as disinfect the property. We also involve the individual throughout every step of the process.

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Contact Us

Give RestorationMaster a call at (952) 592-1103 for a free estimate on our hoarding cleaning services in Maple Grove, MN.

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