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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Monticello, MN

(952) 592-1103

Hoarding is a very complex issue that can have drastic consequences for those affected and their families.  Hoarding behaviors may seem careless on the surface, but they are actually the result of depression and anxiety that can make it very difficult for those affected to throw away anything from their home.  Because of this, hoarding is classified as a mental disorder.

Hoarding behaviors can lead to dangerous conditions in the home as the clutter buildup blocks paths and exits, increases the risk of fire and injuries, and allows mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances to form.  When approaching a hoarder, you must show them compassion and help them understand that their behaviors are creating dangerous living conditions.  Once they agree to proceed with the cleaning, you can call our professionals to help.

RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleaning services in Monticello, MN to help clean and restore the homes of hoarders.  We have the equipment and experience to completely clear hoarded homes and ensure they are restored to sanitary living conditions.  We also take a compassionate approach and make sure that the decisions are made by the affected individual.

Approaching a Hoarder

It is very rare for an individual affected by hoarding to seek out help themselves.  They are either too embarrassed to let others know about their behaviors, or they may not realize that there is a problem.  If you know someone who hoards, you must reach out to help them because the living conditions they create are dangerous for their health and well-being.  You must be delicate in your approach, and help them understand the danger they are putting themselves and their family in.  You should only proceed with the cleaning if the affected individual makes the decision.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

Cleaning out homes affected by hoarding is a major project which is why you should call RestorationMaster for help.  Our professionals are equipped to handle the large-scale cleaning of hoarded homes and we also have advanced cleaning products that will help us clean and sanitize the home once the items are removed.  We keep our technicians protected through the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and we always follow the rules and regulations of OSHA, the EPA, and the Department of Transportation.

We understand that these projects are sensitive in nature and always keep the affected individual heavily involved.  Our staff will establish a personal connection with the affected individual and involve them with every decision throughout the project.  Our hoarding cleaning services are divided into the following three phases:

  • Phase 1: We will take a respectful approach to the individual and develop a personal connection based on trust.
  • Phase 2: We will create a cleaning plan with the affected individual and keep them involved throughout the process.
  • Phase 3: After the cleaning, we will do phone follow ups with the individual to ensure they are keeping the home clean. We will also return for follow up cleanings if necessary.

The cleaning phase of our hoarding cleaning services consists of the following steps:

  • Valuable items such as money, jewelry, and other keepsakes are found and saved
  • Unwanted items and debris are removed from the home
  • The affected individual helps decide if the removed items should be thrown away, recycled, donated, or kept
  • Some items are delivered to friends and family members
  • Paperwork from attorneys and government agencies is properly completed
  • The home is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the hoarded items are removed

The conditions created by hoarding behaviors are very dangerous which is why you need to reach out to a friend or relative that hoards.  If they have agreed to clean out their home but need help to do so, contact our professionals at RestorationMaster for hoarding cleaning services.  You can trust our technicians to not only provide effective cleanup for hoarded homes, but also treat the affected individual with dignity and respect.  You can reach us at (952) 592-1103 for hoarding cleaning in Monticello, MN.