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Water Damage Restoration for Monticello, MN

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Excess water and moisture are responsible for more property damage than anything else because they can enter a home or building in many different ways and spread through absorbent materials.  Leaks, overflows, and burst pipes are common sources of water damage, as well as rain, flooding, and sewage backups.  The reason water damage is so dangerous is because the water will spread through wood, drywall, and other materials, increasing the risk of mold growth and severe structural damage.  You must react immediately if you find water damage on your property to prevent it from getting any worse.

At RestorationMaster, we provide water damage restoration services to remove any amount of water from a leak to a flood from homes and commercial buildings in Monticello, MN.  We use advanced extraction and dehumidification equipment to remove all water and moisture and we will restore the damaged materials.  Our technicians are also equipped to deal with sewage water and flood water containing dangerous materials.

Dangers of Water Damage

Water damage should be treated as an emergency situation because of the damage it can lead to if it is not addressed.  As mentioned above, excess water will get absorbed into porous structural elements and materials, allowing it to spread further within the home or building.  The materials that absorb the water can become discolored and weakened which is how excessive amounts of water can cause structural damage.

The other major problem that can result from water damage is mold growth.  Mold spores need water to form into mold growth which makes items and materials affected by water damage especially vulnerable.  Mold will add to the damage already caused by the water and introduce health risks.  Reacting quickly to water damage is the best way to prevent major structural damage and the appearance of mold.

Water Damage Restoration from RestorationMaster

When our technicians arrive on your property, they will immediately assess the damage to determine the extent and how deeply the water has been absorbed.  We will then form a restoration plan that will include the removal of the water as well as thorough drying and restoration of the affected areas.  Our water damage restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Inspection and evaluation of the damage.
  • Removal of standing water with water extraction equipment
  • Anti-microbial applications
  • Drying: air movement
  • Drying: dehumidifying
  • Drying: monitoring

Sewage Cleaning

One source of water damage that can be especially dangerous is a sewage backup.  Sewage backups occur when there is some sort of blockage that causes sewage to come back into the home or building.  You may also be dealing with sewage if water from a natural flood enters your property.  Sewage water contains harmful toxins and waste materials that can spread illness and disease and cause very serious damage to the affected materials.  You must stay away from water that contains sewage and call our professionals immediately.  We have the equipment to safely remove sewage water and we will also make sure that the area is thoroughly disinfected to prevent serious health issues.

If you are dealing with any amount of water damage in your home or building in Monticello, MN, do not hesitate to call RestorationMaster for professional water damage restoration services.  Our technicians will arrive promptly to stop the water from spreading and begin the restoration process before the damage gets worse.  You can reach us 24 hours a day at (952) 592-1103 for water damage restoration emergencies.