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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for Monticello, MN

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When someone enters your home or business, they will immediately notice the cleanliness and condition of the space which will affect their impression.  Two of the biggest elements that contribute to the look of a home or commercial building are the flooring and the furniture.  If the carpeting and upholstery is allowed to become dirty and stained, it can make the entire space seem dirty.  Soiled carpeting and upholstery can also create an unhealthy working or living environment.

Consistent use of carpeting and furniture causes dirt and debris to gather within the fibers and fabric.  For carpeting, the dirt will accumulate deep in the fibers and it can eventually damage the fibers if not removed.  The same can happen with furniture as dirt buildup will quickly cause upholstery to fade and wear out.  The best way to maintain your carpeting and upholstery is with regular professional cleanings.

RestorationMaster provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services for homes and commercial buildings in Monticello, MN.  We use advanced cleaning products and equipment to not only extract embedded dirt and debris, but also remove stains to restore the original color and appearance of your carpeting and furniture.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

The carpeting in most spaces endures consistent foot traffic each day, especially in commercial settings.  As more dirt and debris buildup in the fibers, the carpet begins to fade and look dull or stained.  Much of this debris settles too deep in the fibers to be removed with regular vacuuming, although vacuuming the carpet will cut down on the buildup.  If the debris is not removed, it will eventually cause damage to the fibers and shorten the life of the carpet.

At RestorationMaster, we use advanced cleaning equipment, methods, and products to clean and restore all types of carpeting in homes and commercial buildings.  Our hot water extraction cleaning method will remove deeply embedded debris and our powerful stain removers can eliminate any type of stain.  We recommend having the carpeting in your home professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months, and more often for commercial buildings.

Our carpet cleaning services include the following steps:

  • Inspection of the carpeted area to create a cleaning plan
  • Pre-application to loosen debris and treat stains
  • Thorough cleaning with the hot water extraction method
  • Post-treatment for stubborn stains
  • Final inspection to make sure you are satisfied with our work

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Just like with carpeting, dirt and debris accumulate in upholstery fabric which can cause discoloration and wear and tear.  The debris can become abrasive against the upholstery fabric when the furniture is in use, causing it to wear down faster.  Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will help restore the look of your furniture and preserve the life of the upholstery fabric.

Our cleaning methods are safe and effective for any type of upholstery fabric.  We can treat stains with our advanced cleaning products and remove accumulated debris with the hot water extraction method.  Our upholstery cleaning services consist of the following steps:

  • Vacuuming of the furniture
  • Spot treatment for stains
  • Cleaning with the hot water extraction method
  • Washing and polishing of the frames

If the furniture or carpeting in your home or business is looking dirty or dull, it may be time for a professional cleaning.  Our technicians at RestorationMaster have the right equipment and cleaning products to effectively clean and restore carpeting and upholstery, and we use green cleaning products that are effective and safe for you and the natural environment.  Call RestorationMaster at (952) 592-1103 to schedule a cleaning for your home or business in Monticello, MN.