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Frozen Pipes Damage Restoration for Irondequoit, NY

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In Irondequoit, NY, winter comes with severely low temperatures. These cold temperatures are enough to cause pipes to freeze up, especially if they are not insulated. The water inside the pipes can turn into ice and when this happens, the ice expands. If the ice grows big enough, it puts pressure on the pipe and causes it burst open. The burst not only ruins the pipe but spreads water throughout your property.

RestorationMaster helps properties in Irondequoit, NY, and the neighboring areas with frozen pipe damage restoration services. Our technicians first extract the water from the property and then dry and restore the affected areas.

Frozen Pipes in New York

Frozen-Pipes-Irondequoit-NYIn the Irondequoit area, winter consists of severely cold temperatures. With temperatures below freezing, there’s a high chance of frozen pipes in your home or building. As such, you need to pay attention to whether your property has frozen pipes, because they may burst open and lead to water damage if they are not thawed out.

If you find that a frozen pipe has burst on your property, turn the water supply off immediately. Then call us for our frozen pipe damage restoration services. We extract standing water from the property and remove moisture from damaged materials by using advanced equipment. We then check that there’s no mold growth and proceed with the restoration. With quick action, you prevent the chance for any damage to spread and worsen.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

By preventing frozen pipes, you will prevent them from bursting open and causing water damage on your property. With these tips, you can stop pipes from freezing up:

  • With constant water movement, you can stop pipes from freezing. Turn on your faucets so they release a slow drip.
  • If pipes stay heated, they won’t freeze up. For pipes beneath sinks, open the cabinets to let heat in.
  • Use pipe insulation or electrical tape to insulate vulnerable pipes.
  • With the use of a space heater, you can prevent pipes from freezing, but use the heater in a safe manner.
  • In the winter, bring your garden hoses inside and shut off the outside water supply.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

If the pipes have ice or frost on them or if the water pressure is low, you likely have a frozen pipe. With these tips, you can locate and thaw a frozen pipe:

  • Find out what line has a frozen pipe.
  • Locate the frozen spot on the pipe by tracing the pipe line.
  • Inspect the pipes for any ice, frost, or bulges.
  • Thaw the pipe by getting a hair dryer or heat lamp, but never use a blowtorch or use any type of flame to thaw the pipe.
  • If needed, access the frozen pipe by removing drywall.
  • At the end of the pipe line, turn the faucet to a trickle.

If your property has a burst pipe, the water that spills out can be severely damaging. This is why it’s essential to prevent them from freezing up in the first place. But if a pipe does burst, your first step is to shut the main water supply off. Then contact RestorationMaster for our frozen pipe damage restoration services in the Irondequoit, NY, area by calling (585) 643-6222.