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RestorationMaster , Irondequoit NY

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Established in 2007, RestorationMaster , Irondequoit NY is a locally owned and operated company.  Our team of experienced IICRC certified professionals is available 24/7 to meet your needs.

At RestorationMaster  we understand that our customers are often stuck in chaotic and stressful situations.  The quicker we get there, the better!  Our mission is to remove the problem from your home or business in the fastest, most efficient way possible – without adding more chaos to your life.

We serve both residential and commercial properties, including homes, apartment complexes, offices and hospitals.  We provide services to the Greater Rochester area and beyond, including Canandaigua, Buffalo, Syracuse, Elmira, Watkins Glen, Ithaca, and Oswego, to name a few.

fire-and-smoke-damage-restoration-irondequoit-nyFire & Smoke Damage Cleanup – Irondequoit NY

Even when the fire is out, the damage continues. The professionals of RestorationMaster are experts in understanding the chemical combinations that can effectively clean and salvage belongings. We provide 24 hour/365 day emergency fire cleanup service in Irondequoit NY area.


Water Damage Cleanup – Irondequoit NYWater Damage Cleanup – Irondequoit NY

Water damage restoration is an emergency business. That’s why RestorationMaster  is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in Irondequoit NY area. Our quick response reduces your suffering and saves money. Call us as son as possible if you see water damage in your home or business building.


mold-remediation-irondequoit-nyMold Removal – Irondequoit NY

Removing mold, without contaminating people or other areas of the structure is a critical step for successful mold cleanup. The cleaning professionals at RestorationMaster  in Irondequoit NY use advanced products, procedures, and equipment to assure the highest level of mold cleaning performance.


storm-damage-restoration-in-irondequoit-ny-300x224Storm Damage Repair – Irondequoit NY

The Irondequoit area of upstate New York is prone to severe weather conditions that can strike throughout the year such as thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards.  These storms usually also include strong winds that could cause extensive property damage.  RestorationMaster  provides storm damage restoration services in Irondequoit, NY to help homes and businesses recover from storm damage.  Extreme structural damage must be stabilized and repaired quickly to prevent even further damage and our technicians provide a fast response to get your home or building stabilized and restored to its original condition.

frozen-pipes-irondequoit-ny-300x224Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration – Irondequoit NY

The cold winter weather in upstate New York can cause some problems around the home, including frozen pipes.  When the temperature is below freezing, it can freeze the water within the pipes and the ice that forms will expand and push against the walls of the pipe.  As the pressure from the ice increases, the pipe bursts and causes as much as hundreds of gallons of water to spill into the home.  This excessive amount of water can quickly cause serious property damage.  RestorationMaster  provides restoration services to clean up water damage caused by frozen and burst pipes in Irondequoit, NY.  We will arrive with advanced water extraction and drying equipment to remove all water and moisture and we will ensure that the damaged areas are repaired and restored.