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Hoarding Cleaning Services in Indianapolis, IN

(463) 227-0790

Compulsive hoarding is a dangerous disorder that affects many individuals across the United States. In Indianapolis, IN, there is no better place to turn for hoarding cleanup services than RestorationMaster. We provide comprehensive and compassionate cleaning services to help affected individuals and their families return their home to livable conditions.

Psychological Factors

Not many people fully understand the profound effects that compulsive hoarding (or hoarding disorder) can have on an individual. In essence, those who struggle with it feel intense anxiety whenever they attempt to throw something away. This will eventually lead to the dangerous clutter buildup commonly associated with hoarding. The condition also makes it more difficult for affected individuals to seek help.

For these reasons, it is critical that trusted friends and family members approach those who are struggling with compassion and understanding. Laziness is not the reason for the terrible condition of their property. At RestorationMaster in Indianapolis, IN, we understand this, as well, and always approach hoarding cleanup sensitively, yet sternly.

The Dangers of Hoarding

he reason it is important to be stern is that there are a number of significant dangers that hoarding can cause. Among them include:

  • Fire hazards (and a more intense fire if one does occur)
  • Blocked avenues of escape when they are needed most
  • Tipping of items onto individuals
  • Bacteria growth and mold growth
  • The buildup of allergens to a harmful degree

Whenever you approach an individual struggling with hoarding tendencies, pointing out these very real concerns should be your top priority. Anybody in the home can be harmed, including family members and guests.

The RestorationMaster Approach

RestorationMaster in Indianapolis, IN utilizes the proven approach implemented by the RestorationMaster franchise as a whole. This is because of its tremendous rate of success, and the way it helps individuals with hoarding disorder better manage their condition into the future. This approach includes three phases:

  • Phase 1: Before we begin our cleaning services, RestorationMaster will open a dialogue with affected individuals to build trust. Without this relationship, our services will be ineffective.
  • Phase 2: Once an understanding has been reached, we will develop and implement a cleaning plan. We include the input of the affected individual in this process when it comes time to determine what is actually needed, and what is not.
  • Phase 3: To assist struggling individuals going into the future, we create an at-home sanitization plan for them to follow. We will check in periodically to ensure improvement.

Free Estimate

At the end of the day, it is our goal to leave your home in a safe state, and help you learn to manage your condition over time. If you would like to make use of our hoarding cleaning services, contact our representatives at (463) 227-0790 . We are happy to help those in the Indianapolis, IN, community.

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