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Hoarding Cleaning Services in Westfield, IN

(463) 227-0790

Numerous people in the Westfield, IN, area are affected by hoarding. On the surface, hoarding may seem like a bad habit, but in reality, hoarding can be a serious threat that should not be overlooked.

RestorationMaster offers professional hoarding cleanup services in Westfield, IN to help affected individuals restore their home to a safe living environment.

The Dangers of Hoarding

There are significant psychological factors to consider in regard to hoarding situations, as they are more complex than most people make them out to be. Individuals affected by hoarding become severely anxious when it comes to parting with items. Oftentimes, they are too embarrassed to get help for the problem. But, in our experience, we have found that just a bit of understanding can make a significant difference.

Hoarding obviously affects the individual directly dealing with the disorder, but it also affects their family and any visitors to their home. So, if you have a loved one who is struggling with hoarding, it is recommended that you reach out to them; inform them of how hoarding has created a dangerous situation for them, and emphasize your concern for them.

The following can help you get a better understanding of the risks most commonly associated with hoarding:

  • Fires: Clutter can lead to fire hazards at home. If a fire does break out, then it can be even more damaging than usual due to all the accumulated items it can use as extra fuel.
  • Bacteria and Mold Growth: Most areas of a hoarder’s home are not cleaned, so it is easy for mold and bacteria to grow and spread throughout the property. In such a case, exposure to mold and bacteria can cause health issues.
  • Allergen Buildup: Like bacteria and mold growth, allergens can accumulate, which also may lead to serious health problems.
  • Falling Items: Often, hoarded items are stacked on one another. If they fall and tumble over, it can trap people.
  • Blocked Exits: If there is an emergency, chances are most exits will be blocked, likely leading to tragic events.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup in Westfield, IN

With help from our hoarding cleanup services, the affected individual’s home will be safe to live in once again. We have experienced a significantly high rate of success with the time-tested approach we use in these situations.

The following can be expected when you work with us for hoarding cleanup:

  • Developing trust prior to item removal
  • Creating a proper restoration plan
  • Consulting the affected individual on what items should be kept, thrown out, recycled, or donated
  • Implementing the restoration plan
  • Completely sanitizing the property
  • Doing follow-ups to check on the individual’s progress after our services

Contact Us for Hoarding Services in Westfield, IN

If you or a loved one is struggling with hoarding, then we suggest getting in touch with RestorationMaster by calling (463) 227-0790 for the hoarding cleanup services we offer in the Westfield, IN, area.

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