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Fire Damage Restoration in Westfield, IN

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Experiencing the effects that a fire can have on your home or business can be overwhelming, especially when you see the amount of destruction it has caused. Additionally, going back into the fire-damaged property can threaten your health, resulting in respiratory issues due to the lingering smoke and soot. Finding that many of your contents have been affected by smoke and soot is concerning, but it can be addressed properly if done in time.

RestorationMaster offers professional fire and smoke damage restoration services to homes and businesses in Westfield, IN, and the neighboring areas on a 24/7 basis. Our technicians use professional products and equipment to restore your property to its pre-loss state. We will promptly arrive at your home or business to evaluate the damage and begin repair work. If your personal belongings were affected in the fire, then we can restore them as well.

Call (463) 227-0790 to get in touch with RestorationMaster for the fire damage restoration services we provide in Westfield, IN.

Damaging Effects of Fire and Smoke

When a residential or commercial property has been harmed by a fire, the flames will inevitably cause damage. However, most of the concern comes from the damage done by smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts. These substances continue to linger and harm the property even after the flames have been put out, leaving behind thick, oily residue. The damage from these corrosive byproducts can easily become irreversible if not treated in a prompt manner.

Drywall, wood, upholstery, fabrics, and other porous surfaces are at risk for harm because of their porous nature. The particles from smoke and soot quickly harm these materials, causing discoloration and deterioration. In order to restore these surfaces to their previous condition, immediate restoration must be done.

Fire Damage Repair in Westfield, IN

Once we get your call, we will promptly make our way to your home or business to assess the harm and begin the restoration process. Our technicians will work with you to figure out which materials and items should be restored, and which should be replaced. However, some items are better suited for replacement due to cost-effectiveness. We will collaborate with you and your insurance company to determine the best course of action.

At RestorationMaster, every one of the technicians we employ has IICRC certification, proper training, and years of experience with fire damage restoration. Our professionals are knowledgeable and aptly equipped to restore properties in an efficient manner. We will reverse the damaging effects of smoke and soot by using advanced cleaning products.

Within our fire and smoke damage restoration services, our technicians also conduct effective deodorization for the smoke odors produced by the fire. Applying a safe but powerful chemical, we can penetrate and eliminate the odor from affected materials. Once the restoration job is done, your home or business will be restored to its former condition, as if the fire damage had never taken place.

The following are included within our fire restoration services in Westfield, IN:

  • 24/7 Response and Open Communication: Following your call, our professional technicians will immediately come to your property to begin restoration work. Throughout the process, we will answer questions you have and provide you with updates.
  • IICRC-Certified: Every one of the specialists we employ has IICRC certification and the equipment needed to handle fire damage for properties of all sizes.
  • Help with Insurance: We want to make things as easy and stress-free for you as possible, so we will handle the claims process with your insurance company.

Contact Us for Fire Damage Restoration in Westfield, IN

RestorationMaster specializes in fire and smoke restoration, so we are prepared to handle all cases of fire damage on a 24/7 basis. We offer professional fire and smoke damage restoration services to residential and commercial properties in Westfield, IN, and the neighboring areas. We will promptly arrive at your fire-damaged home or business to immediately address your emergency.

Call (463) 227-0790 to get in touch with us for help in the aftermath of a fire.

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