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Hoarding Cleanup in Greenwood, IN

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Compulsive hoarding is a very real, and very difficult to manage, disorder that causes affected individuals to store a variety of useless belongings in their home. When these items add up over time, a variety of health risks and safety hazards accumulate, as well.

To eliminate these dangers, and return your property to a livable condition, we offer comprehensive hoarding cleaning services here at RestorationMaster to those in Greenwood, IN.

Compulsive Hoarding

ompulsive hoarding, also known as a hoarding disorder, is a psychological condition that causes affected individuals to feel extreme anxiety when they are faced with throwing items away. To make matters worse, those on the outside who do not understand the condition tend to simply perceive hoarders as lazy.

This creates a toxic environment that encourages hoarders to keep to themselves and give in to their feelings of embarrassment. Only through a compassionate and respectful approach can Greenwood, INhoarders be guided away from their habits.

Risks Involved with Excessive Hoarding

As we mentioned above, there are a number of risks associated with excessive hoarding that affected individuals should be aware of. They include the following and more:

  • Fire hazards (if a fire does begin, it will be more devastating than usual because of the extra belongings on hand to burn)
  • Health complications (due to the buildup of allergens, and the potential growth of bacteria and mold)
  • Tipping hazards (every year, individuals are trapped beneath loose items that have fallen)
  • Blocked avenues of escape during emergencies

Because of the severe and life-threatening nature of these dangers, RestorationMaster in Greenwood, IN highly encourages affected individuals to seek help. Likewise, family members and friends should approach the one suffering from hoarding disorder and point out these dangers. This should always be done in a respectful way, but it is drastically important to break the ice.

Our Approach to Hoarding CleaningHouse with excessive hoardingWe approach hoarding cleanup services in a unique way here at RestorationMaster in Greenwood, IN. This stems from our intimate understanding of the psychological factors involved in hoarding situations. Before we begin any cleaning services, we develop a relationship with the affected individual to build trust.

We will provide the following cleaning procedures:

  • Locate valuables that should be kept once cleaning is complete
  • Discuss with affected individuals which items should be thrown away, donated, recycled, or kept
  • Assistance with documentation from lawyers, government agencies, trusts, etc.
  • Professional-grade sanitization and restoration services
  • Assistance with managing your condition over time through the development of an at-home cleaning plan, and periodic follow-ups

Free Estimate

If your home, or the home of somebody you know, is in a dangerous condition, we encourage you to call our RestorationMaster representatives at (317) 215-5199. We provide highly effective hoarding cleanup services to affected individuals in Greenwood, IN, and look forward to assisting you soon.

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