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Office Cleaning Services for Yorkville, IL


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People start to make an impression about a business the minute they walk in the door. If an office or building has overflowing trash cans, a stained carpet, or is covered with dust, they will begin to think twice about doing business there. Even if the company has a great product, it’s hard to overcome that first impression. That’s why it’s important to make sure things are clean and tidy at all times. It can be difficult to maintain a clean environment if you don’t have an in-house cleaning staff. RestorationMaster provides a full range of office cleaning services for businesses in Yorkville, IL that don’t employ their own cleaning staff. We’ll clean and sanitize your office to ensure your clients and employees have a safe, pleasant working environment.

Office buildings tend to have higher concentrations of dirt, dust, and bacteria because they have more people coming in and out each day than the average home. If these contaminants aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, not only will the building look filthy and unappealing to your customers, but they can develop into health hazards. Customers don’t want to shop in a business that makes them feel ill, and employees who regularly get sick at work will look for new jobs.

Dependable Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services for Yorkville, ILThe cleaning technicians at RestorationMaster use our specially formulated cleaning products to safely and effectively clean and sanitize your office in Yorkville, IL. We ensure that everything in your office is cleaned, including the furniture, light fixtures, and floors. We work with you to create a custom cleaning plan that highlights any special needs or challenges. Our office cleaning services include:

  • Dusting all furniture, including shelves and desks;
  • Vacuuming carpets and cleaning hard surfaced floors;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing desks;
  • Vacuuming upholstered furniture;
  • Bathroom cleaning.

We offer weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning services to help you keep your office looking its best at all times. If your business in Yorkville, IL needs high quality cleaning services and doesn’t have in-house staff, call the professionals at RestorationMaster at (630) 796-6252. We can set up an appointment to discuss your needs and create a cleaning schedule that will keep your business looking clean and smelling great.