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House Cleaning and Maids Services for Aurora and Montgomery, IL

(888) 915-7197

Our main services include but are not limited to house cleaning and maid services, office cleaning, and move in/ move out cleaning.  We are committed to fully cleaning your home or office to your specifications and we use specially formulated cleaning products to effectively clean and sanitize.  We also offer regularly scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services to keep your home or business consistently clean.  You can call us at (888) 915-7197 to schedule a cleaning appointment in Montgomery, IL, Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas.

Home Cleaning Services for Aurora and Montgomery, ILHome Cleaning Services – Aurora and Montgomery, IL

Keeping your home clean is a very important but also a very time consuming chore.  It is difficult to find enough time to clean your home if you have a demanding work schedule or busy personal life, and the longer you wait to clean your home, the dirtier it will get.  Dirt, dust, and other debris constantly gather in your home which will create a dirty and unhealthy environment.  RestorationMaster provides home cleaning services to effectively clean homes in Aurora and Montgomery, IL.  We will create a custom cleaning plan and thoroughly clean every room of your home with our specially formulated cleaning products.

Commercial Cleaning Services for Aurora and Montgomery, ILOffice Cleaning Services – Aurora and Montgomery, IL

It is very important to keep a clean office for the health and morale of your employees and to maintain the appearance of your company’s property.  A dirty office can have a negative effect on the health and productivity of your employees and if your office appears dirty to customers or visitors, they may get an unfavorable impression of your business.  However, many businesses cannot employee a cleaning staff to consistently maintain their office.  RestorationMaster provides office cleaning services in Aurora and Montgomery, IL to make sure your office space is effectively cleaned.  Our cleaning professionals will thoroughly clean and sanitize your entire office and we offer regularly scheduled cleanings to keep your office in great shape.

Move In/ Move Out Cleaning for Aurora and Montgomery, ILMove In/ Move Out Cleaning – Aurora and Montgomery, IL

Moving out of a home or office gives you a great opportunity to have your new and current home or office thoroughly cleaned.  Once you have your things moved out of your home or office, our cleaning professionals can clean areas that were obstructed by your furniture.  Cleaning your new home or office before you move in will help ensure that you are coming into a clean and healthy environment.  RestorationMaster provides move in/ move out cleaning services to deep clean homes and office spaces that are empty between moves.  These services are ideal for leaving behind a clean home or office and making sure your new space is ready before you move in.

Post Construction Cleaning Services for Aurora and Montgomery, ILPost Construction Cleaning – Aurora and Montgomery, IL

Construction projects can make a home uncomfortable because they take up so much space and create a lot of dirt and dust.  Once a project is complete, the area may still be hazardous to use as various building materials, tools, and other debris may be left behind.  The dust from a construction project can be a problem too as it settles in other areas of your home and can cause damage to the HVAC system.  RestorationMaster provides post construction cleaning services to clean up leftover dust and debris from construction sites in Aurora and Montgomery, IL.  Our cleaning professionals will remove any debris leftover at the sight as well as clean up the dust in your home.