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Post Construction Cleaning for Yorkville, IL


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Construction projects feel like they go on forever, so it’s tempting to want to celebrate once the equipment is finally quiet. The job isn’t over once the workers leave; wood scraps, dust, nails, screws, and other construction debris are hazards to anyone in the area. Even if people in your home wear shoes, nails and screws can scratch floors and catch clothing, or pets or small children can step on them or choke on them. Household vacuum cleaners aren’t designed to clean up this kind of debris and it’s hard to find sawdust in all the places it can hide. RestorationMaster provides high quality post construction cleaning services to clients in Yorkville, IL. We remove construction debris from the site, as well as all traces of dirt, sawdust, and other hazards.

Post Construction Cleaning for Yorkville, ILMost people don’t think about the cleanup that’s needed at the end of a construction project, but without it, small items like wood scraps and nails snag and pull clothing or end up in feet. If sawdust isn’t cleaned up promptly, it can be tracked through the rest of the home or get into the HVAC system, where it can be blown into other rooms and clog filters. Our cleaning technicians have years of experience cleaning construction sites, so we know where to look for sawdust and other debris. We have the heavy-duty equipment and cleaning products that can remove tough dirt and grime without damaging surfaces or leaving behind any residue that will dull the look of your new project.

RestorationMaster’s Post Construction Cleaning Services include:

  • Removing all traces of dust from jobsites;
  • Cleaning and dusting light fixtures;
  • Spot cleaning ceilings and walls;
  • Cleaning up paint overspray;
  • Cleaning interior windows;
  • Cleaning bathroom fixtures;
  • Mopping hard surface floors;
  • Vacuuming and spot treating carpets.

A project isn’t quite done in Yorkville, IL when the hammers and saws go quiet. Construction may be done, but the project isn’t completed until RestorationMaster has thoroughly cleaned the area. Call us at (630) 796-6252 to schedule professional post construction cleaning services after your next project. We’ll remove all traces of building materials, dirt, and other debris so you can enjoy the results of all that construction work.