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Fire Damage Restoration for Hickory Hills, IL

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Fire Damage Restoration – Hickory Hills, ILYou should never consider your home or property completely safe from a fire because there are too many ways that a fire can start.  The most common cause of a fire is cooking but they can also be caused by electrical issues, smoking, candles and lint in the dryer vent.  Regardless of how the fire starts, it must be put out immediately and the damage requires immediate restoration.

The fire itself causes considerable physical and structural damage and the corrosive elements it leaves behind such as smoke and soot can cause more extensive damage, even after the fire is extinguished.  As soon as the fire department finishes putting out the fire and leaves your property, you must call a professional for fire damage restoration to help prevent permanent damage.

Rainbow International Restoration of South and West Suburbs provides complete fire damage restoration services to restore homes and commercial buildings affected by fire in Hickory Hills, IL.  Each of our technicians have passed a background check and received extensive training to repair damage caused by a fire and cleanup the effects of smoke and soot.  You must call us immediately after a fire so we can help contain the damage and save your items before the damage becomes permanent. We are prepared to carefully pack up your belongings and take them to our facility for cleaning and restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration from the Professionals

After a fire is put out, there are always corrosive byproducts still present such as smoke and soot.  These byproducts can spread to areas that the fire didn’t reach and settle on objects and surfaces that are otherwise unaffected.  This is why it is important to start the restoration process quickly.  The acidic nature of smoke and soot causes corrosive damage and discoloration to the objects and surfaces it affects, and the damage will become permanent unless it is treated quickly.

The first steps of our fire damage restoration process are to stabilize major damage and start cleaning objects and materials affected by smoke and soot.  Our powerful cleaning products will help remove the tarnishing and etching caused by the soot and smoke to salvage the materials before they are permanently damaged.  We will cover every aspect of the restoration process including the cleaning and repair, no matter the scope of the damage.

It can be difficult to decide if you need to file an insurance claim when your property sustains fire damage.  Our technicians can help you make this decision by assessing the scope and cost of the damage compared to your deductible.  We also provide direct billing services to bill your insurance company for the claim if you do file a claim.


Once the fire in your home or building has been extinguished, follow these steps to deal with the damage:

  • Call Rainbow International Restoration of South and West Suburbs as soon as possible to start the restoration.
  • Open windows and doors to let out smoke and odors.
  • Move pets and children to a neighbor’s home or the home of a relative to keep them safe.
  • If the power is out, throw away everything in your refrigerator and clean it.
  • Record the damage caused by the fire by taking pictures and video. We will help you make an inventory of your damaged items and provide you with a copy for insurance purposes.

It is very important to stay safe on your property after a fire and avoid actions that can worsen the damage.  Avoiding the following actions will help:

  • Do not try to clean wood, drywall, or other porous materials.
  • Do not use or clean upholstered furniture.
  • Do not save any food items that were possibly exposed to the fire.
  • Do not take medications exposed to the fire.
  • Do not lay down newspaper anywhere because the ink can transfer and cause stains.
  • Do not use any electronics or appliances until they are inspected for safety.

Rainbow International Restoration offers comprehensive loss documentation on fire and water losses with 3D technology.

We can capture any loss in its entirety, including its exact dimensions. Not only does this serve the purpose of thoroughly documenting the condition of the structure, but it also captures the condition of people’s personal belongings and a business’s inventory. We can easily share the job link with the customer, their adjuster, and the contractor that will be performing the build back. This type of documentation reduces disputes over the severity of the loss and improves efficiency all the way around.

When it comes to insurance claims, it is critical that we have an agreed scope of work with the adjuster. Providing meticulous documentation of the damage helps move the claims process along. If your home or business has suffered a fire or water loss, Rainbow is your beginning to end resource.

comprehensive loss documentation on fire and water losses with 3D technology

You can not waste any time once a fire is put out on your property because the damage can become more widespread and permanent.  Make sure you contact Rainbow International Restoration of South and West Suburbs as soon as possible if your home or business in Hickory Hills, IL was affected by a fire.  Our technicians will repair the damage and effectively clean and restore materials affected by smoke and soot.

We will also help keep out of pocket costs low with our price match guarantee that applies to non-covered claims.  We will match or beat estimates from other professionals that adhere to the IICRC’s standard of care.

Give us a call 24 hours a day at (708) 571-2550 to respond to fire damage emergencies in Hickory Hills, IL.

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