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Emergency Board Up Services for Fresno, CA

The damage caused by a natural disaster is unpredictable as these disasters can result in very minor damage or damage that compromises the structural core of your home.  In cases of severe structural damage, the home or building is often left open and vulnerable to damage from outside factors including vandals and adverse weather conditions.  If your home or building is left dangerously unstable, it must be secured as soon as possible to keep it standing.  RestorationMaster provides emergency board up services to secure and protect heavily damaged homes and businesses in Fresno, CA.  Our board up services will reinforce the structure of the building and keep it protected from weather and vandalism.

The Fresno, CA area is prone to natural disasters that can heavily damage a home or building and leave it uninhabitable.  Your home could experience significant structural damage due to storm damage, flooding, fires, and accidents.  A weak structural core will struggle to support the building which can lead to more issues and if broken siding, windows, or doors have left openings, this invites further damage from wind, rain, vandals, and even animals.  Securing your home immediately will prevent further damage as you wait for your home to be rebuilt.  Our technicians provide effective board up services that include reinforcing the structural core of the building and covering up any openings on the sides or roof.  We use quality materials to get your home boarded up so you can rest assured that your home is secured.

Our emergency board up services consist of these steps:

  • Complete coverage of holes and openings
  • Temporary enclosure
  • Barricades if necessary
  • Tarp coverage for damaged roofs

If you are suddenly faced with extreme damage to your home or building, do not hesitate to get it secured.  RestorationMaster can provide temporary support with our board up services so your home or building will not sustain any further damage as it is being repaired.  We are standing by 24 hours a day at 888-915-8868 to provide emergency board ups in Fresno, CA.