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Water Damage Restoration in Sarpy County, NE

(402) 673-6244

Your property may sustain water damage not only when it is flooded during torrential rains and violent storms, but also when a leaking pipe or sewage backup results in excessive moisture. Whatever the reason, water easily penetrates the porous materials in your home or building and causes great structural damage.

Dealing with Water Damage in Sarpy County

To make the matters even worse, water damage often remains undetected for long and the resulting harm aggravates with time.  The sooner you notice the problem, the easier, faster, and more efficient the restoration process will be. Call professionals as early as possible to prevent the damage from spreading and avoid many financially-draining and nerve-wracking troubles.

RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services in Sarpy County to remove excess water and moisture and repair the building structure and contents.  We take quick and efficient measures to prevent secondary damage and restore the affected materials. Our technicians have the training and certification to handle water damage restoration in commercial and residential areas and their professional approach yields the best possible results.

Water Damage Restoration in Sarpy County

For water damage restoration services in Sarpy County, contact ServiceMaster of RestorationMaster at (402) 673-6244.

The first step in any effective damage restoration process is the extraction of any excess water and the complete removal of all the remaining moisture. At RestorationMaster, we use the most advanced and efficient drying equipment in the industry including powerful air movers, quality dehumidifiers, and other specialty drying equipment.

When all the materials are completely dry, we start restoring the structural elements and furnishing in your property, including concrete, drywall, structural framing, cabinets, furniture, and flooring.  If mold or a musty smell has already developed as a result of the excessive moisture, our technicians use appropriate equipment and techniques to eliminate the mold spores and remove the odor from furnishings, fabrics, etc.

The entire water damage restoration process takes between 3 and 5 days, depending on the severity of the damage. We do our best to accommodate all your needs and preferences, provide free consultations and estimates, and work with local insurance agents to help organize your claims.

What to Do in Case of Water Damage

  • If you have to deal with the aftermaths of water damage, take the following precautionary measures:
  • Turn off the electricity and don’t switch it back on or use your electrical appliances before they have been checked and found to be safe;
  • Take all your valuables to a safe dry place;
  • Make sure the source of the excessive water is eliminated or repaired;
  • Don’t ignore the first signs of water damage, however small it may seem;
  • Take pictures and gather evidence to organize a speedy and beneficial claims process;
  • Even when the source of the problem has been taken care of, don’t just let the affected materials dry on their own – they will be ruined;
  • Don’t try to clean up on your own. Professionals have the appropriate equipment and knowledge to restore your life to normal quickly and efficiently but any inadequate steps you take may aggravate the situation;
  • Contact RestorationMaster for quality water damage restoration services.

Our technicians will take proper care of all the damaged materials and furnishings in your home or business area and will restore the surroundings to their former charm and functionality. Every aspect of the restoration process will be performed with meticulous attention to the details and unparalleled professionalism.

Available 24/7

If you need water damage restoration services in Sarpy County, NE, contact us at (402) 673-6244 to get a free estimate and competent assistance.

RestorationMaster proudly provides water damage restoration services for all towns and cities within Sarpy County, including Bellevue, Gretna, Papillion, Richfield, Springfield, La Platte, Offutt Air Force Base, Chalco, and La Vista.

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