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Water Damage Restoration in Santa Clarita, CA

DeDona Restoration

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Whether dealing with a leak or a flood, water damage is a serious issue that requires immediate action.  The reason water damage is so destructive is because moisture gets absorbed in porous building materials and furnishings like drywall, flooring, wood, insulation, and others.  This causes damage to the affected materials and allows the water to spread over a larger area.  In time, the damage to the affected materials can ruin their structural integrity and put them at risk for mold growth.  It is important to act fast when water damage occurs to stop its spread.

At DeDona Restoration, we provide complete water damage restoration services to respond to flooding, leaks, and other forms of water damage in Santa Clarita, CA.  Our technicians will ensure that all water and moisture is removed using advanced water extraction and drying equipment.  We will then repair and decontaminate the affected areas to restore safe living conditions.

If you have experienced water damage in your home, don’t wait to get help! If the water sits for too long the damage only gets worse. Call a professional today at (661) 471-3063 to see if restoration services are needed for your flood cleanup.

Damage Caused by Water and Flooding

It is important to understand how water can cause damage in your home or building so you can help prevent widespread damage when a leak or flood occurs.  Building materials like wood, drywall, carpeting, insulation, and furnishings are porous which means they will absorb excess water.  The more water these materials take in, the more likely they are to experience severe damage.  For materials like wood and drywall, absorbing too much water can threaten the structural integrity of the building.

The other danger with water damage is the potential for mold or bacteria growth.  Wet building materials are at risk for mold and bacteria because these substances thrive in moist conditions.  Materials affected by mold and bacteria are likely to become permanently damaged and their presence puts your health at risk.

Water Damage - Water damage Restoration - DeDonaWater Extraction in Santa Clarita, CA

Our professionals at DeDona Restoration are prepared to handle all water damage restoration cases.  We will ensure that water and moisture is extracted from the damaged areas and materials, and we can also remove mold if necessary.  Once the water is cleared and the area is dried, we will clean and decontaminate the affected areas to restore safe living conditions.

Our water damage restoration process includes the following steps:

  • Assessment of the damage and spread of the water
  • Complete water extraction
  • Thorough drying of the affected areas
  • Removal or repair of damaged materials
  • Cleaning and decontamination

Water Damage Repair – What to Do

  • Call DeDona Restoration right away to limit the spread of the damage.
  • Mop up or blot dry as much water as you can yourself.
  • Remove any photos, paintings, or artistic objects from the damaged walls and into a safe, dry location.
  • Wipe down furniture, propping up any wet cushions for even drying.
  • Place a piece of aluminum foil underneath furniture legs to prevent the water from traveling up.
  • Leave any books in their shelves. Pack them tightly.
  • Allow for proper air circulation through the home or building to enhance drying.
  • Lift any draperies, such as blinds, curtains, or bed skirts from the floor. Place on a coat hanger to dry.

Flood Cleanup – What to Avoid

  • Do not enter any room with standing water or severe electrical or structural damage.
  • Do not touch any visible mold.
  • Do not try to remove anything that is tacked down to the floor.
  • Do not use a vacuum cleaner to soak up any water.

Contact Us

You need to take quick action when your home or business is affected by flooding or water damage.  Our professionals will arrive quickly to contain the water and begin the restoration process.

Give us a call at (661) 471-3063 for emergency water damage restoration in Santa Clarita, CA and the surrounding areas.

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