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Sewage Cleanup in Santa Clarita, CA

DeDona Restoration

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Flooding and water damage can lead to serious problems within a home or building, but the presence of sewage will make it much worse.  Sewage contaminated water will quickly cause serious, often permanent damage to the affected furnishings and materials and it can put your health at risk.  It is likely that sewage contains bacteria and dangerous microorganisms that can cause infection and disease which is why you should avoid the contaminated water at all costs.  If there is sewage in your home or building, you need to call a licensed professional right away for safe restoration.

DeDona Restoration can help homes and businesses affected by sewage in Santa Clarita, CA with our sewage cleanup services.  Our technicians are licensed and equipped to remove sewage and contaminated water as well as permanently damaged materials.  After we remove the sewage, we will clean and disinfect the affected area to ensure your safety.

Damage Caused by Sewage

Excess water is already damaging in your property because of how it gets absorbed in affected materials and the damage will be much worse if sewage is involved.  Sewage typically becomes a problem indoors if there is a sewage backup or if the property is flooded with water that is mixed with sewage.  As the sewage water gets absorbed in affected building materials and furnishings, these materials absorb the waste materials as well.  This will result in permanent damage very quickly.  In addition to the physical damage, sewage will leave behind a foul odor.

The threat to your health is also a major concern when dealing with sewage.  Sewage is typically contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and dangerous microorganisms that can spread infection or disease, especially if you come into contact with the water or attempt to clean it up.  It is very important to keep the affected areas clear until our licensed professionals can restore the area.

water dripping from pipeSewage Cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA

Our technicians are trained and equipped to provide safe and effective sewage removal and cleanup.  We can remove sewage contaminated water using advanced equipment and remove materials that have sustained permanent damage.  We will then restore safe conditions by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the damaged areas.

You can expect the following with our sewage cleaning services:

  • Removal of the sewage water and waste materials
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Removal of materials that have been permanently damaged
  • Restoration and repair of affected areas and materials
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection
  • Deodorization

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The presence of sewage is a danger to your property and your health.  Make sure you contact our licensed professionals at DeDona Restoration as soon as you notice sewage on your property so we can remove the sewage and restore safe conditions.  We are available 24 hours a day at (661) 471-3063 for sewage cleaning in Santa Clarita, CA.

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Review by Whitney Shue
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"DeDona is my go to for all things mitigation and restoration, solely for the amount of experience the owner withholds. I trust the quality of the work to be top notch, and my property to be returned back to pre-loss conditions."

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"I hired Dedona for the purpose of a covid cleaning, they are very knowledgeable and professional. while performing this task, the technician found a small spot where mold was starting to grow, Dedona brought this to my attention and continued with the clean. About a week after my cleaning, I called dedona back to handle my mold situation, again, very knowledgeable and very professional. I would definitely recommend their services to friends and family."

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