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Water Damage Cleanup – Minneapolis MN

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RestorationMaster specializes in water damage cleanup and can respond quickly to your emergencies in Minneapolis, MN 55407, and the surrounding areas.

Water damage restoration is an emergency business. That’s why RestorationMaster is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in Minnesota. Our quick response reduces your suffering and saves money. Water damage claims increase substantially if prompt action is not taken to contain the damage.

The cleaning professionals at RestorationMaster use advanced products, procedures, and equipment to assure the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property and furnishings.

What To Do after water damage

Damage from water and bacteria growth can begin within hours. Call us for professional help.
Remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting.
Remove wet area rugs or other floor coverings.
Lift draperies off the floor, loop through a coat hanger, and place the hanger on the drapery rod.
Wipe furniture, prop wet furniture cushions for even drying, and place aluminum foil under furniture legs.
Move photos, paintings, and art objects to a safe, dry location.
Open drawers, closet, and cabinet doors to enhance drying.

What NOT To Do after water damage

Do not enter a room with standing water until electricity has been turned off.
Do not use a regular household vacuum to remove water.
Do not lift tacked-down carpet without our professional help.
Do not use electrical appliances while on wet carpet or flooring.
Do not disturb visible mold.
Do not remove books from shelves. Rather, pack them tightly to prevent warping of pages until we can begin the specialized drying.

The water clean-up process includes:

Inspection and assessment
Water removal
Anti-microbial application
Drying: air movement
Drying: dehumidifying
Drying: monitoring

Sewage Backup Cleaning

Excess water in your home can be especially dangerous if it contains sewage.  Sewage can end up in a property if a blockage in the system causes a sewage backup or if flood water mixes with sewage prior to entering the building. You must react right away if the water contains sewage because the property damage will be much worse and the dangerous materials within the sewage can spread infection or disease. Our professionals can provide effective sewage cleanup to remove water containing sewage and repair or replace the damaged materials. We will also thoroughly clean and disinfect the areas affected by the sewage to reduce the risk of negative health effects.

Let us show you how RestorationMaster can help.

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