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Sewage Cleanup Services in Lombard, IL

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Indoor flooding is seen as one of the worst disasters for a property because of the severity of the damage it often causes. Whenever there’s flooding, there’s also structural damage, damaged personal contents, and the possibility of mold growth. However, flooding can be even more disastrous if the water involved contains sewage.


Sewage is comprised of waste materials that contain bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. Knowing this, when floodwaters are contaminated with sewage, it causes more damage to furnishings and materials and puts your health at serious risk. Because of this, you should avoid contact with the water and get in touch with a professional to help with the cleaning.

With our sewage cleanup services, RestorationMaster helps homes and businesses in Lombard, IL, and the neighboring communities that are affected by sewage contaminated water. Our technicians will use specialized water extraction equipment to remove all contaminated water. Following the water extraction, we conduct a complete cleaning and decontamination for affected areas to restore the damage and prevent health problems.

The experienced technicians we employ have also undergone an extensive background check, so you can trust them to provide quality services in an exceptional, professional manner.

Sewage Backup

No matter how sewage has made its way into your property, you need to exercise caution and reach out to us for immediate assistance. You don’t want to clean up the sewage yourself because you will be susceptible to the negative health effects sewage can cause.

Because of sewage, you may encounter the following issues:

  • Water Damage: When excess water is in a property, porous building materials and furnishings will continue to absorb it, thus becoming damaged. But when the water contains sewage, the waste materials become absorbed, too. This results in further damage, which is often permanent. Because of this, affected building materials usually need to be replaced. With prompt professional help, the chance for permanent damage lessens.
  • Health Risks: Typically, sewage contains viruses, bacteria, and other harmful toxins. You must avoid contact with sewage-contaminated water because you may suffer negative health effects. Knowing this, you need to get in touch with us immediately for cleanup help.

water sewage damageSewage Cleanup in Lombard, IL

We, at RestorationMaster, are ready to provide sewage cleanup services to help you no matter how bad the damage is. Our technicians will use advanced extraction and drying equipment to completely remove contaminated water, thoroughly clean your property, and effectively sanitize affected materials and areas. Immediate action is essential to prevent permanent damage to your property.

You will likely want to file an insurance claim when dealing with sewage depending on the extent of the damage. Our technicians will help you determine whether to file a claim after assessing the damage. If you decide to move forward with a claim, we’ll bill your insurance provider directly. If the damage is an uncovered claim, then we’ll keep out-of-pocket costs low with our price-match guarantee. As long as they adhere to IICRC’s standard of care, we will match or beat estimates from other restoration professionals.

Available 24/7

Call for professional sewage cleanup right away to prevent permanent damage and health issues. RestorationMaster is ready to provide effective sewage cleaning services in Lombard, IL, and the neighboring communities. Within our service, our technicians will thoroughly remove sewage, conduct a full-scale cleaning, and completely sanitize affected areas and materials. Call (888) 915-7197 for emergency restoration.

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