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Sewage Cleaning in Oak Park, IL


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When your home or commercial building is flooded and contains standing water, serious damage will ensue. Building materials and furnishings will become damaged when they take in the water which can also encourage mold growth. The situation becomes more concerning if the water involved in the flooding has been contaminated by sewage.

The dangerous toxins and waste materials in sewage water cause its own harm in addition to the damage done by the water itself. The toxins also pose a threat to your health, so you need to stay away from any water you believe has been contaminated by sewage.

RestorationMaster provides sewage cleaning services in Oak Park, IL, to help residential and commercial properties that have been affected by sewage water. No matter where the sewage water came from, we can safely remove it from your property by using advanced water extraction equipment. From there, we prevent negative health effects by cleaning and disinfecting the areas the sewage affected.

Sewage-Cleanup-Oak-Park-ILSewage Backups

Having sewage present in your residential or commercial property is hazardous because it can not only harm the property, but it can also threaten your health and well-being. If you have reason to believe that water on your property has been contaminated with sewage, avoid contact with it, and reach out to us for professional cleaning help. It is imperative only qualified professionals handle sewage cleaning to ensure it is done safely and properly.

Sewage can lead to the following concerns:

  • Water Damage: When porous furnishings and building materials absorb sewage-contaminated water, they also absorb the waste materials. As a result, the affected materials are likely to become permanently damaged and need replacing. But with prompt action, the amount of damage done can be limited, thus preventing permanent harm.
  • Health Risks: Sewage can pose a threat to your health which is the most concerning issue. The bacteria, viruses, and harmful microorganisms that sewage contains can cause a variety of health problems. That said, no one should have contact with sewage-contaminated water. Our qualified professionals will handle the extraction, cleaning, and disinfection to ensure health risks are eliminated.

Sewage Cleaning

The technicians at RestorationMaster are properly equipped to provide sewage cleaning for any situation. Sewage-contaminated water will be removed using advanced water extraction and drying equipment, and affected areas will be cleaned, restored, and disinfected in a thorough manner. In addition, permanently damaged furnishings and building materials will be removed from the home or business.

We will determine what can be saved and what is permanently damaged during our initial damage evaluation. Any items that can be saved will be dried, restored, cleaned, and sanitized so they can be safely used once again.

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Sewage water damage cases are always emergencies that necessitate immediate help, so contact RestorationMaster for sewage cleaning services right away. Our professional technicians will get rid of sewage water and then restore your home or business to a safe environment through effective cleaning and disinfection.

For sewage cleaning in Oak Park, IL, call (888) 915-7197, where we can be reached on a 24/7 basis.

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