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10 Signs of a Great Lead Gen Service – FAQ

If you have decided to work with a business that provides lead generation services, it is important to find a provider that can generate quality leads and work within your budget.  In this guide, we will discuss lead generation services as well as the signs to look for to work with a great led gen service. 

Pay Per Lead Marketing FAQ

Pay Per Lead Marketing FAQ

In short, pay per lead marketing is a type of online marketing in which businesses work with lead generation companies to provide quality leads. 

Mobile marketing

Buying or Generating Leads – Which is Better?

Businesses in many different industries, including the restoration industry, are dependent on getting good leads. Generating leads and buying leads are two different approaches that each have their advantages and disadvantages but when used effectively can result in quality leads for your business. In this guide, we discuss the methods that a business can use to generate quality leads. 


Small Business Tips: How to Improve Leads and Sales

In this guide, we will discuss sales KPI and how they can help you determine if your business has a problem converting leads into sales. Measuring these KPIs will expose inefficiencies in your lead to sales process and help you fix these issues to boost your lead conversion rate and raise sales numbers.

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How to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

A good website can help a business in many ways including better online presence, growing customer base, and generating more leads. In this guide, we will discuss the steps a business can take to generate more leads with a high possibility of converting, and how to respond to quality leads to help boost your conversion rates.

Business Model

What is the Aggregator Business Model?

Aggregator sites are websites in which related content concerning information, products, or services from different businesses and/or suppliers is gathered and organized in one place. is an example of a website that uses the aggregator model to generate sales leads for restoration contractors, based on a win-win partnership.

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