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Furniture and Cabinet Painting in Dallas, TX


Due to its natural beauty, longevity, and ability to adapt well to the aesthetics of a room, wood furniture is commonly used in homes and offices. This type of furniture can also be versatile in appearance as the wood stain, paint job, and type of wood can all affect the overall appearance of the furniture. It is normal for the paint and wood stains to fade away or become dull with time; but this makes the furniture look old and worn out.

RestorationMaster provides professional furniture and cabinet painting and refinishing services for residential and commercial buildings in the Dallas, TX area. Our experts are able to stain and color-match any type of furniture to prevent changing the original appearance. We can also provide this service on-site for large furniture such as china cabinets, wardrobes, and dining room tables.

Color Matching Cabinets and Furniture

As wood furniture adds a sense of luxury to the aesthetics of a home or office, property owners love to keep them in their best condition. Provided that the furniture is well-maintained, it’s natural that the paint and/or finish will wear down over time. But frequent use and sunlight exposure will cause this to happen much faster, making the furniture look worn out or dull. A new coat of paint or finish can restore its look to a like-new condition.

When your wood furniture starts to become worn out, it may not be necessary to restore it to its original appearance. You may want to change it up to have a new look to your room or office. Simply changing the color of furniture and cabinets for a renovation can save significant dollars instead of having them replaced.

RestorationMaster also uses eco-friendly, low-odor products to keep any interruption to business and personal activities to a minimum. Our furniture painting and refinishing services can provide the following:

  • Expert Color Matching: Our technicians can match the color or wood stain on the furniture to restore the original appearance of the furniture.
  • Furniture Painting and Refinishing: We begin by sanding the current finish or paint job followed by repairing any surface damage or scratches. A new coat of primer and paint or a new wood stain is then applied to the furniture.

Wood furniture that is faded or worn out can have a negative effect on the appearance of the room or office. This problem can easily be fixed in a cost-efficient manner with our professional furniture and cabinet refinishing and repainting services. RestorationMaster will restore the look of your furniture with a completely new paint job or finish and we can also provide this service on-site.

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