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Furniture Restoration and Repair in Dallas, TX

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Our furniture repair and restoration services include all of the following:

When you call RestorationMaster, we will restore, repair, or even enhance your furniture for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. If it’s damaged or faded, don’t get rid of it just yet as it’s possible that our experts can restore it.

Our team can return your furniture to its original condition by repairing surface damage such as gouges and stains as well as re-finishing the piece or giving it a new paint job. Our on-site repair services can be scheduled at a convenient time for you. We also use low-odor, water-based products to avoid disturbing your home or business.

Our experts at RestorationMaster are available at (888) 915-7197 to provide complete furniture repairs and restoration services in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas. We ensure to restore your furniture to a like-new condition as well as work with your insurance company, if needed, through the claims process.

Cabinet Repair and Restoration – Dallas, TX

The home’s cabinets are one of its main features, especially in offices, kitchens, and bathrooms since they make up a large portion of the space. With daily use, it’s normal for them to become worn down with minor scratches, scuff marks, and wearing away of the finish. Replacing all cabinets can be expensive as the cost of the labor for installation is not included in the sale price. Replacing any drawers that match these cabinets may also be necessary. Instead, many property owners are choosing to have them repaired, restored, or refaced, a service that RestorationMaster proudly provides in Dallas, TX. Our technicians can repair minor damage to drawers and cabinets as well as re-finish or reface them with new materials.

Furniture Repair and Restoration – Dallas, TX

Dining and living room sets can be expensive to replace. Some of these items can include family heirlooms that have been passed down from generations that are also difficult to replace. But when they become worn out, you can avoid the trouble of replacing them altogether by having them restored by a professional. RestorationMaster proudly provides furniture repair and restoration services in Dallas, TX for furniture that has become worn-down or mildly damaged over time. Our experts are trained to repair everything from structural to surface damage like stains and scratches. We can also add an extra coat of finish to restore the furniture to a like-new condition.

Furniture and Cabinet Painting – Dallas, TX

It’s normal for the finish or paint job on cabinets and furniture to become worn-down or faded over time. But if it’s not damaged, it may simply need a new coat of paint or finish to restore its look. RestorationMaster is proud to provide furniture and cabinet painting services in Dallas, TX to revitalize the appearance of your cabinets and furniture. Our team offers a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from and we use low-odor, water-based products that won’t disturb your home or business.

Upholstery Cleaning – Dallas, TX

Frequent use of furniture and upholstery will cause a buildup of dust and dirt in the fabric or lead to stains. This can take away from not only the look of the furniture, but also the entire room. The buildup of this debris will also cause it to become worn-out and faded in specific areas, accelerating the deterioration process. Professional cleanings can remove dust, dirt, and stains to give the furniture and upholstery a new look, even extending their lifespan to prevent early replacement. RestorationMaster provides professional upholstery cleaning services in Dallas, TX to completely clean and restore all types of upholstery. Our experts can also repair minor damage to the upholstery including tears and small holes.

If any large furniture looks damaged or needs a new coat of paint or finish, such as wardrobes, dressers, dining room tables, couches, or china cabinets, taking these large items to a professional service can be difficult. Many of the furniture restoration and repair services can take place on-site in the home or commercial property with minimal disruption. RestorationMaster provides on-site furniture repair services in Dallas, TX to completely restore furniture and cabinets in homes and businesses. We will schedule the service at a time that works best for you and will only include a one-time visit.

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For any of the services listed above, contact RestorationMaster at (888) 915-7197 in Dallas, TX for a free estimate.